The K-man's finest hour(s)


I wouldn’t know. I just find it interesting that I havent heard mention of that particular brand abused before.



tks 4 posting that, I was thinking of it but couldn’t be bothered doing the leg work.


Etizolam is very similar to valium and is commonly the active ingredient in illegal valium, rather than the diazepam that is supposed to be there. I remember some article in London saying that 80% of valium in London was actually Etizolam.

I was prescribed it after a car crash a couple of years ago. It has a lot less punch than real valium but the raw ingredient is much easier to source from Mainland China and much, much cheaper than actual diazepam.

No use in clubs, quite useful if nervous before a first date though.


Hey come on. The bear is a smooth operator. He don’t get nervous on first dates. :cold_sweat:


So there’s no danger of erectile dysfunction?


Memory loss if you mix with alcohol is a real problem. I didn’t notice any problems down below - we’re now married :joy:


Our man <3. (The K-man, not the lama guy)

They aren't sending their best

Stephen was then apprehended by New Taipei City Councilor Lo Wen-chung (羅文崇), who happened to be campaigning nearby.

What the fuck?

After the most recent episode, Stephen was released without bail, as he had not inflicted any serious injuries.

Also, isn’t spitting on a police officer a big deal? Wouldn’t you get charged with assault? That’s how it works in JahNaDa


It’s foreign. It’s an English teacher. I’m pretty sure the K-man’s just come.


Don’t you believe in good Samaritans? So cynical… :grin:


cleaning these mean streets of Yonghe District, one foreigner at a time

Crime doesn’t take an afternoon nap


Not all heroes wear their underwear outside their pants.


How can a city councilman apprehend someone? They have power of the law behind them?

did the councilor just attack the dude and pin him to the ground until the police arrived? I’m I allowed to apprehend people I see breaking the law?

I wish Keoni would elaborated some more…


This happened over a month ago. Fuck’s sake K-man, it’s called news, not olds.

  1. Spit betel nut juice in eyes, causing temporary blindness.
  2. Tell your assistant to grab the perp.
  3. Call Apple Daily.


Foreigner news never dies


That could be the K-man’s tagline:
“Because foreigner news never dies”


Does a foreigner shit in the woods if nobody is there to see it?

If so, K-Man is on the case !


And nobody was there to see it.

You just wrote his headline.