The K-man's finest hour(s)


He can certainly sniff it out.




Taiwan News doesn’t even retract or state that they’ve changed an article. Years ago, I sent a note to them because they had contradicted themselves inside of two paragraphs of the same article. They did change it but didn’t note they had done so. When the murder of the Canadian dude happened a few months back they posted random pictures of Russians working in science parks because they were reporting it was a Russian working in a science park who did it. Really, it’s the worst kind of reporting that I’ve seen.


I came here to post that story - I’ve seen the K-Man post it in four English-speaking Taiwan-based Facebook groups and he’s yet to come up with a single comment.


Slow news over the holidays…

Also, Stephen looks like Overseas Compatriot, so not exactly foreigner per se, but can do when none can be found. The important thing is the “foreigner” is acting bad, being disrespectul, fighting, being drunk in public, etc. all per the stereotype.


Got one her for the Kman: Taiwan roaches immune to insecticide!

Front page of Taiwan News in 3…2…1…

I could have told them that. they just discoverd it? Fffff, talk about slow!


People freaking out about this one is hilarious! Someone (besides K-man) shared it on the “Taiwan Daily News in English”. The comments there are amazing.


Good for him I say. A man of the people. Jesus used to charge sitting on the floor too.


Please note certain officials demand their phones charged, their clothes washed/pressed, their lunch prepared/bought/warmed up by their underlings. Them having to pick a pen instead of having it placed in their hands is blasphemy. The stories I could tell…


Wouldn’t it make more sense to say he’s representing a poor image of that Israeli airport for not having proper charging stations and/or chairs?


Every airport I’ve been to (~20) has people using outlets in odd places without seats. Typically, those outlets aren’t meant for phone charging, but rather for vacuum cleaners and such. It just so happens that most/all the outlets at charging stations or near seats are already taken.

To me, he’s just being a normal person trying to charge their phone whilst (@Dr_Milker :stuck_out_tongue:) waiting for their flight.


Boy, you gotta up your game. Those are bush league figures. :laughing:


Indeed. Compared to Taoyuan with proper outlets in several configurations… and seats. And beds!


You realize they’re confiscating passports for lesser offences than that these days, right?


I was shooting from the hip. Just looked at my Kayak app and they list 30 in the last 8 years since I started using the app. Think there were a couple of airports in Brazil that I didn’t get on the app too. It’s showing 71 flights. :idunno:


The first paragraph is absolutely legendary:


“The term “reunification” is a misnomer because Taiwan was never a part of the People’s Republic of China.”:notworthy:

K-man really isn’t planning any China travel any time soon is he?


Yep. It should said “China is trying to annex Taiwan”.

Kman shouldn´t even visit Kinmen. Or get close to a boat other than the Danshui ferry.


I dig the accent- very chinese opera to my untrained ears


I’d love to see Ling Yu-shih try to visit Tainan…that’d go down well.