The K-man's finest hour(s)


K’s on a roll:


If you were expecting tomatoes, think again. Taiwan netizens may grunmple on deed Internet conversations but blues would cry foul -green terror!- if as much as a shoe is thrown their way. Plus they have Whiet Wolf and other well armed escort. Notice ubiquitous black clad men at this potentially conflicted type of events.

Remember teh guy who talked a lot of trash about Taiwan in China…then became seriously ill and had himself promptly airlifted and treated in Taiwan… all paid by NHI. No, local authorities acnnot put one finger on him, else all media will crash on their heads, for starters. Losing their jobs would be the least of their worries and anyways, what can they do? There is no law to back any repercusions against Taiwan traitors.


Yeah but remember when the head of the Taiwan Affairs council made the mistake of visiting Tainan? He was well and truly roughed up.


First and last time. And he was a Chinese citizen. I expect they may let it happen to justify their victimization.

If someday the blues declare Taiwan part of China and there is a revolt, such a revolt would justify invasion. China has set two conditions to take Taiwan by force: de jure independence or civil unrest. Firts can hardly happen, but second can be arranged.


Just for reference, apparently the Government is contemplating stripping Ms. Peking accent Ms. Ling of her ROC nationality:

Another comment allegedly from a Hong Kong resident read: “Ms Ling, if you get cancer in the future, remember to see a doctor in China, which you love so much. Don’t go back to Taiwan for treatment.”

“Look, Taiwanese. This [Ling’s speech] is how you will all talk after unification,” another commenter from Hong Kong said.

Democratic Progressive Party Legislator Liu Shih-fang (劉世芳) yesterday during a committee meeting at the Legislative Yuan asked whether Ling’s citizenship and healthcare would be canceled, just as Taiwan-born Lu Li-an (盧麗安) was stripped of her citizenship after she announced in 2017 that she had become a CCP representative.

Minister of the Interior Hsu Kuo-yung (徐國勇) said that the government is leaning in that direction and vowed to discuss the issue with the Mainland Affairs Council.

Ling Yu-shih’s father was a retired navy executive officer… She [Ling] is disgracing former president Chiang Kai-shek (蔣介石),” Liu said, asking whether Ling’s statement about quick unification broke any laws.


Anyone have a YouTube link to that video?


It is at the end of the article, no?


Looking looking for a separate link. I just want to share the video not the article.


I completely disapprove of countries stripping nationality of their citizens. It’s like saying “You’re no son/daughter of mine.” You made it, you deal with it.


I couldn’t find the original video, but I find this one:


She looks like a right bitch. I’m with @Dr_Milker on this one.


Problem is that some kind of response must be made. I mean, the Taiwanese that reside overseas and coem back for tretment for free in their old says is one thing, but someone who not only bnad mouths but most importantly takes action by spouting an ideology not only contrary but detrimental to the democratic lifestyle in Taiwan, and who becaus eof that democracy has the right to come back and live off large out of the citizens she has put in danger, is not fair.


Did Gain hack into your account??

No need to strip her of her nationality or run her over. Just declare her Excommunicada and place a 500nt bounty on her.


No. I know it seems strange, but we do agree on some things. :open_mouth:


The easy solution would be for Taiwan to disallow its citizens to hold another nation’s citizenship. Kind of reverse reciprocal. You become Canadian etc then you’re no longer ROC.


“Man, woman plummet off 4th-floor stair landing at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport”

He used his trademarked term “plummeting” in a non weather-related article and was also able to make the pun about them landing at the airport.

Step aside, Dostoyevsky.


Police believe that the incident occurred when a Taiwanese-American woman surnamed Chang (張) tried to stop her Chinese-American husband Wan (萬) from going abroad

Me thinks it was politically motivated…


This story has literally everything!!


I doubt that pun was deliberate. If it was then K-man is really writing some next level shit.


# Update: American man allegedly pushes wife off 4th-floor staircase at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport


As for the pun…we will never know. He’s probably toying with us, he knows that writing puns like that one will generate friction between the K-Man loyalists (“OF COURSE HE WROTE THAT ON PURPOSE, HE’S THE MOST SMARTEST”) and K-Man deniers (“He’s such an r’tard”). Meanwhile, we generate sweet clicks and views.

Divide and conquer at its peak efficiency.