The K-man's finest hour(s)


Well, it was CNA, and I guess local rags, which filled pages with his Zodiac sign, favorite music, home phone number and My Space account.


If it is “recent”, I think we have to assume it was recent in relation to March 2017. I’m still trying to wrap my head around that, but I’m pretty sure that’s what it means


possibly 5 years in jail for that? yeesh.


Not for simple possession. 5 years is possession with intent to distribute. I would guess 6 months and deportation if he can pull in connections of some sort and has a good lawyer.


in 2013 obtained permanent resident status in Taiwan

has lived in Taiwan for many years.

he said that he was unaware that the drug is illegal in the country

I’m 420 friendly and think it should be decriminalized. But the fact remains that it isn’t legal yet in this country. This guy is a liar. And smoking out in the open? As Red Foreman would say…



Yeah, that’s the max.
Despite the official Scary Scary line, reinforced by the bumwipe press, in reality they’re getting more and more reasonable all the time with actual sentencing.
He’ll probably just get a fine.


That ‘abc’ called David who was arrested cos didn’t pay fare and became violent was all over FTV yesterday under the headline… ‘laowai…’…

I can’t really tell if he is ABC cos they manage to half block his face most of the time with weird camera angles.

FTV is pure garbage anyway.


But he was identified as foreign national in the other channels, too.

It is a spread syndrome.


He doesn’t look like an ABC, just caucasian but national news for a guy who ran out on a fare and was drunk and violent in the capital city, come on. The use of the term ‘lao wai’ here is racist IMHO. It’s no better than Chinks…Get the natives riled up. It’s all foreigner this , foreigner that.

People here don’t think anything of it of course. If you complain they will say you are thinking too much. Tinge of xenophobia mixed with racism.


Fucking adoha/adoga coming to Taiwan and pretending to be Asians…


No. Laowai could be neutral or possibly even a positive. Chink could never be either of those.


Mostly it’s used negatively or mockingly though . Some people think it’s neutral but I don’t really think so.


I agree. But comparing it in offence terms with chink - it doesn’t compare.


Maybe because we are used to it?


That is an interesting question. It doesn’t offend me, but I can’t explain why.


I don’t know Chinese, so I haven’t followed the news stations closely enough to have an opinion about which ones are good, etc.

But in 2016 a scooter driver was killed by a drunk car driver late at night near my apartment, and the FTV people were the only TV news people I saw at the scene.


They seem to specialise in grizzly accidents.


Looks Asian to me, and with a surname that’s as common here as Pérez is in the old country. But the worst part was turning violent, then playing the fool - by pretending Tiabo- and to top it off with perfect Mandarín …bit too much if you ask me.


“they discovered he was carrying a bag with 0.78 grams of the drug inside.”

That’s enough for like one spliff. They’ll probably just send him to rehab to cure his addiction to the killer weed.