The K-man's finest hour(s)


I’m 100% sober, officer. I swear!


420 for you is 420 to 426, amirite?


Sounds like a narrow specialty. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)


One was going to point out the grizzly/grisly disparity, but you were considerably more artful. Salut



I find the choice and order of the TOP NEWS to be rather entertaining


In the US it’s “if it bleeds it leads” here it’s “if it has a big (tall) nose it leads”.


If it’s foreign, it ain’t borin’.


One for the collection here:


For extra cheap thrills, check out all the racist invective posted below the Apple Daily article on this story.


Yeah, pretty sickening. Looser though the guy is for sure, he’s just one guy. People really seem to think he represents everyone holding a western passport that lives in Taiwan.


That’s kinda weird. It makes me think that this guy had a really hard time with his English teacher. Maybe his teacher was making jokes playing with stuff, staff, and it and he just lost it.

  1. He is standing at the top of an excalator.
  2. He has tattoos on his left arm.

Other than that, outstanding investigative journalism. I can rest assured that someone is out there fighting to expose the truth.


I am confused, so this guy show the Taiwanese guy the finger and the cops bothered tracking him down? Furthermore, why did the white guy even bother going to the cop stations for something like this ?

I dont know the background and why he showed the taiwan guy the finger, obviously not cool, but I would give the cops the finger if they asked me to come down to the station for this.


Brief description, please.


Huang also added, “This English teacher who is so unfriendly to Taiwanese people comes to Taiwan to teach our children English, I am very worried.”

I bet the wanker doesn’t even have children.


All answered in the article.


Taiwan has a very strict public insult law and it includes the f -word and flipping the bird.


Well, Apple Daily isn’t exactly sending us their best either.


Quick google says the fine is only 9k max , or am I missing something? Can’t the guy just call/email the cops and have them send the ticket ?