The Kamala Harris thread

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Kamala Harris in the news again, doesn’t seem to be settling in well.

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You mean, she’s been used???

So in addition to being remarkably unlikable and incompetent, she’s a whining crybaby.


Crocodile tears. She knows exactly why they brought her in after she crashed and burned in the primaries.

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July 2021

Dec 2021


I thought the second one was Babylon Bee too at first. :grin:


Probably lessons in scheming, if I were Biden I might view this team up with Hillary Clinton with his replacement in case of “unforeseeable emergency” with
about as much glee as if Kamala Harris had just befriended Hannibal Lecter.


Talk about leaning in.

So glad she was just an afterthought, Kamala was a terrible, no-good candidate. Dems aren’t hitching their wagon to her in ‘24, I guess they’re still all-in on Bootyjudge.

I really hope the rumors are true…


Pete, not Hillary. :joy:

I’d lurve to hear her say, “What difference does it make at this point” wrt the Russia DNC collusion hoax. Hillary, all in for civil war, well you know, for the po’ folk.

Like, say, Mike Pence?


I didn’t really think such a thing was possible, but she’s actually less coherent than Joe Biden. :astonished:

Supply chains she has a point I believe. Build back better is a 5+ trillion dollar deal, which goes opposite to what economists are saying which is take your foot off the gas, that would be putting the gas to the floor.

Don’t know what is in the deal or if it is good or bad, but in answer to “what about inflation?” she thinks the answer is “massive spending”, that’s pretty stupid.

Supply chain is the reason for inflation. A year ago it was something around $2,500 to ship a container from Shanghai to LA. It is now over $20K. Suppliers cannot absorb all that so prices go up. That is a global problem that perhaps the infrastructure plan would address in some way but it’s a whole bigger than just the US.

Yeah, definitely getting hit with a lot of increase shipping costs, rates have nearly doubled from the beginning of the year. This has been rough to try plan for when I don’t know how shipping will cost every week.

Damn globalization!