The Kaohsiung Scene

First of all here is a link to The Southern Taiwan Directory :

I don’t eat out much anymore ( I am doing the low fat diet thing at home , and if I do eat out I stick with a few trusted favourites:

Smokey Joe’s II (Tex-Mex) #318 Tzuyu 2nd Rd. Tel: 557-8655 (part of the Amy’s chain of restaurants.

Great service and a nice variety of food (it is a bit like the best of Amy’s).

A special mention to Angel and Becky who are simply amazingly friendly and helpful.

Just the other day Becky helped me out by showing me where I could buy some of the products they use in their cooking (sour cream, fresh kidney beans etc.) She even drew me a map and got me a few phone numbers.

Another great place is Hola’s (Spanish)
#578 Heti Road. Sanmin Tel: 343-3045

Run by a Spanish guy this place has some beautiful dishes on it’s menu. Things are not cheap here, but definitely worth the price.

It is also non-smoking (even though I am a smoker I really dislike the smell of smoke when I am eating), but for the hardcore puffers there are a few tables outside.

At the last Chinese Valentines Day, Holas served an amazing 6 course dinner. STUNNING!!

Another restaurant in the Amy’s Chain is called Mamamia (Italian) #186 Chungcheng 2nd Rd. Lingya Tel: 222-5627 .

Great lasagna! And the Godfather Pizza is a MUST have.

John, have you heard of a bar/restaurant in Tsoying that has microbrew beer and pole-dancing every Wednesday during January and February?

I’m supposed to be going there at Chinese New Year and I’d like to find out a bit about it beforehand.

Hi Sandman,

Have not heard of it, but will ask some of my mates if they have.

One place that you also might like is the
Old Belgian Inn Tel: 587-6330
#116-8 Kushan 3rd Road. Kushan

This is run by that guy who was featured in the China Post Prime section a few weeks ago.

A great selection of Belgian beers, no TV!!!, and soft background music. The owner (Geerd) also provides some nice bar snacks for free, and he has a simple menu ( sandwiches or cheese plate etc.) No pole dancing though

This is a nice place to talk to friends, and get loaded up before you hit the clubs. Best times would be Friday and Saturday from about 10pm onwards.