The Kavanaugh Fallout


What a grandiose entitled fucking sausage fest of entitled males these “opinions” reflect.

Now someone please jump over to the “why do we have a women’s forum” thread and start that up again. Heck, why even allow women to use the Internet?

I sincerely wish that each and every one of you is reincarnated promptly as a woman into the medieval morass that this is creating.


Democrats learned this the hard way after eight years of Obama often attempting to be inclusive and compromise and having Republicans turning their back on him anyways.

They’re still learning how to fight.


“Entitled” for thinking that the concept of “due process” is fairly important?


Is “due process” a far right social construct of the patriarchy to keep women in check? Asking for a friend.


Do people use “mouthbreather” as an insult stateside?
I’ve only seen it used once by a Chinese guy I assume watches too much Stranger Things


Your opinions are always welcome here. :grinning:

Even weird ones like this. :open_mouth:


This sounds familiar.

(Of course it’s utter bullshit. But it’s familiar bullshit.)


I was Eleanor of Aquitaine in a previous life. I still spend large portions of my time writing lewd troubadour poetry and consuming large amounts of wine, cheese and other epicurean delights.The Medieval marsh was pretty good for some things.

To me though, Feinstein and other Democrats are a modern-day form of Tomás de Torquemada.ás_de_Torquemada

You could weave a Medieval tapestry of the Democrat charades at Supreme court nomination hearings. It would need to include illustrations of Ted (I let a woman drown) Kennedy and his coat hanger speech on Bork, depictions of Long Dong Silver in the Clarence Thomas hearings, and pictures of Democrats leaking info on Kavanaugh. Such shenanigans would be worthy of a Hieronymus Bosch painting.




Names these opinions that of sausage fest entitled males.

Do my opinions get knocked off for being a male, Stright, and plus some for being none white?

Did I say it or did I say it. Typical. Look at all the people on the left, insults after insults. Can’t even form a argument because logic and reasoning is not on their side. The truth hurts their feelings. Pathetic. There’s a reason you can look at my political leaning 2 years ago here and see that I’ve changed. It just became a zoo on the left. I’m progressive but not insane.


The drafting and signing of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution…now those were sausage fests. I guess that means they should be nullified immediately.


She didn’t say opinions. She said “opinions,” which is even more condescending.

What a grandiose entitled fucking sausage fest of entitled males these “opinions” reflect.


I’m tired of these America hating people. The freedom to express your opinions is a fundamental right of the United States. So are things like due process, innocent until proven guilty. They come bitching about the electoral college and federalism, which is fine. But most of them were perfectly fine in partaking in the electoral process for their own candidates.

Now still act like sore losers complaining about the electoral college, how America should be ashamed. Omg the trade war. None of them has a clue about global economics. People that understand, like my father are shocked that trump has the balls to stand up to China and actually level things out for the US which will pay off in the long run. People I know who knows what they’re talking about almost unanimously see and understand what he’s doing. Some of these America haters even have began parising Xi as a great leader lol. You see this typical type of stuff all over now.


Yep. The NAFTA redo, too. American business people are extremely pleased with Trump’s stance on international trade.

It would be funny if it weren’t so sad to read analysis and opinion pieces about this in the Democrat media. They’re always written as if Trump has no idea what he’s doing, and as if the US will pay through the nose for it. They must know better; they have full access to economists and businesspeople who would be happy to explain what Trump is working to accomplish. But nope, it’s all anti-Trump 24/7/365. Disgusting.


No faith for me. It’s all bollocks.


I was actually kind of disappointed with the redo. Ok, I understand the political need for changing Automotive Rules of Origin to get a win for Trump in the rustbelt states. And I was very pleased to see 1930s-style Canadian supply management challenged albeit with very, very, very modest gains for the US (in the single digits of market entry). And sort of pleased to see international arbitration remain in dispute settlement. But the labour mobility chapter still keeps decade old occupations without modernisation. Canada`s antiquated liquor control boards are still allowed to use protectionist pricing (for the most part). US still has Buy American, small business and minority set asides, legislation such as the Jones Act favouring domestic shipping, etc.


The Buy American provision was sub-optimal, I agree. If you are going to argue that Canada and Mexico must open up government contracts to bids by US firms, it makes zero sense to hold the US government to Buy American.

I think Trump is right that Mexico’s VAT acts like a tax on the cash flow of US exporters, and encourages the establishment of maquiladoras by those US firms. I would have liked to see him hold the line there. At the same time abandoning the no-VAT position is probably a brake on further illegal immigration by Mexican citizens.

I was super happy to see Trump reject Canada’s attempt to inject gender politics into NAFTA. That was probably a big win for Trudeau domestically, though.

Overall I agree it should help some Rust Belt jobs. Inflation is still almost nil, so I’m not worried that higher auto prices as a result of higher US wages will contribute significantly to higher inflation.


Iron Lady just shut down this thread…bravo


Applaud not actually winning the debate but "shutting down " the debate. Typical.


Which businesses are you talking about? Ford is pissed over steel prices.


I’d have to look into Ford. But they’ve already been bailed out, if their business model cant be profitable from this, their own problem. Other car companies seems to be fine. I think Honda is benefiting?