The Kavanaugh Fallout


I doubt that American auto makers like Ford are as happy as, say, dairy companies. They’ll see their labor input costs rise while sales to China fall due to price increases. Odd that Ford would be pissed over steel prices since their cash cow is the F-150 and it’s had an all-aluminum body since 2015. The new deal should also bolster labor and labor unions, a key Trump campaign promise. Probably not going to make Ford happy, either.

Tech companies will benefit in the long run from strengthened US patents and trademarks, and in the short run from a bump in the duty-free limit of goods taken into Canada and Mexico. Strengthening patents and trademarks is a huge benefit to tech.

ETA: I see that British Columbia has also been opened up to American wine. That’s probably gong to make Napa valley and rural parts of California, Oregon, Washington, New York, New Mexico, and Virginia very happy.


Yip. BC had a horrendous law that actually only promoted local wineries in supermarkets. Glad to see this will be removed in the redo. California wine has always been pretty open in provincial stores. However, the Buy Local in supermarkets was clearly not WTO or NAFTA compliant.


Wtf does this mean?
Are you saying they should shut up?


Are you putting words in his mouth?


The American businesses people I know ie management in multinational are concerned about the trade war cutting off the China market which is the major growth engine for the company.
At the same time they are aware China has been gaming the system for years .

I think in this regard it’s pretty low hanging fruit to challenge China about this given the cards each side holds (US having a major trade deficit) , but it if goes over the top some American businesses will definitely hurt (aircraft, precision machinery …A lot of high end stuff that they’ll end up buying from Europe and Japan instead ). There’s also talk about farmers hurting, that’s true to an extent at the same time there’s not a surplus of cheap food worldwide.

Slapping on tariffs is a good way to get China’s attention and let them know the rules of the game have changed.

It’s funny though years ago I used to argue that tariffs should be slapped on China imports and it was all ‘economic theory says it will be lose lose …’ and 'local specialization is more important ’ from the Republican die hards on here. This was also about the time that ‘the Deficit’ was going to result in the end of days.

How things change.


There’s a lot of people that hate core American values such as due process, innocent until proven guilty, freedom of expression.

Never said anyone should shut up. Just that the amount of people that didn’t get their way on election day or from foreign countries that aren’t doing any better criticizing the US is disgusting.


Yes, there are.

There are also lots of Americans who are disgusted with the idea of unconditional love of country. I think that they think it smacks of nationalism or jingoism or perhaps weakness (?). I was raised to stand for the Pledge with hand over heart, same for the national anthem. I think a lot of Democrats find that irritating and simple, and just judge themselves to be above such behavior.

Unfortunately the core American values of due process under the law, innocent until proven guilty, and freedom of speech are under attack by the American left these days.

Due process was ignored (ridiculed even) in the Kavanaugh hearings, and the idea of innocent until proven guilty was stood on its head with calls to open an FBI investigation on nothing more than uncorroborated, 36-year old accusations with plausibly partisan roots.

And lots of universities won’t even listen to the speech of conservatives. In Berkeley, CA, the area around the campus was nearly burnt down a while back as a result. Like, arson and destruction of public and private property, and for what? Words?

Also, there are lots of examples of liberals de-platforming conservative speech and expression. That’s a huge problem now on social media, and elsewhere. On the rise since 2016.


Are you putting words in my mouth?


He only quoted you…are you saying those aren’t your words?


The Cathy Newman is strong with this one. . .


No need. You put them there yourself.


“I’m tired of these America hating people. The freedom to express your opinions is a fundamental right of the United States.”

This statement, though possibly taken out of context, came across as unintentionally ironic.
I inferred that andrew didn’t want to hear it.

I pointed these things out.


Reading this thread is very illuminating, it’s like the consensus has now flipped 180 degrees , after Trump instituted tariffs , now its ‘Tariffs good’ :).
Numerous folks sought to lecture me on this point,
that it was worthless to place tariffs on Chinese goods presumably because I wasn’t one of the crew and didn’t follow the Republican/Liberal free trader mindset of the day.

I bet you only 1% even understood that the balance of trade payment deficit gets added to the national deficit either.

It really shows the massive cognitive bias folks are susceptible too. They think they are being logical with the facts but they are actually just being selective with the facts.

Also the gloom and doom that was the 2010 America economy…Compared to now.
Unfortunately Taiwan is pretty much the same.


I’ve railed against many groups of people and individuals as you’ve pointed out in many threads. But I’ve not once told anyone to shut up in differences of opinion. Besides those fat ugly feminists, they can go to hell. Jk

If you even just look up at the above posts against @WonkyWaiguo Ive even said I respect his right to have his opinions and encouraged him to vote as I do believe it’s an core American value. I do not however like people bashing America as imperfect as it is, for being salty they aren’t getting their way or have zero clue on what they’re talking about.


There has been a disconnect, I hope you will acknowledge, that while Trump’s economic strategies have been followed very closely on the right, all along and for the past two years, the left has done little except trash Trump, usually on Russia Russia Russia and now things are developing the left is forced to catch up.


I think there’s been a massive disconnect with established policies of BOTH parties and that’s what makes Trump’s presidency so interesting but also scary in that he could go off the deep end.

Trump as the president should be President for the people, but he seems to spend a large amount of his time attacking large parts of American and other societies. Then that ramps up the partisanship and the vicious cycle continues …


Not just the parties, but media too, you might reflect for a moment, why is it right wing media has been following the economic impacts of Trump, and really what did the left wing media offer in terms of information?


I agree the left-wing media have ignored the case for tariffs and for dealing with China, absolutely . All media did until very recently !


Almost clicked on the up-vote, no no no. Fox did, to an extent as the only fourth estate to do so. The fifth estate has done a fantastic job. Which leads to another question, is the fourth estate broken?


Even expert economists, don’t really know shit. These guys operate on economic principles and models from like decades ago to comprehend today’s economic climate.

But on a whole, tariffs can be good and bad. Definitely bad if they are stupid one. What trump is doing is completely flipping the table on what decades of trade has been building up to. Even the most experience economists can just guess at best. Hell some of us might be more on point. But from the business people I know who intimately know about US-Sino trade issues. They think there will of course be pains for both side and positive and negative on the short term. US will benefit on the long run is pretty much the unanimous on this. However like I said, their guess could be as good as any of us. And I’m saying this knowing Taiwan is also slapped with tariffs on our steel.