The Kavanaugh Fallout


Yep. And the so-called liberal media did warn against this.


I really hate reading the news. It’s like I have to read some of Fox and some of CNN to piece together what’s the truth. I can’t trust the news to be anywhere near unbiased these days. Have to read like 5 articles and try to take out my own personal biases which is also hard.


For me, I don’t see anything wrong with acknowledging the ugliness with the good. The US isn’t utopia but it’s something to be proud of. The constitution is a masterpiece imo. And yes, I know perfectly well the guys who wrote it, added amendments to it aren’t perfect either. By today’s standards some of them would be pretty fucked up. But it’s a masterpiece in my eyes.


Tired of people using the right that you prop up in the very next sentence?

Do you not see the irony in this whatsoever?

Honestly people :face_with_raised_eyebrow: are you guys bots?


before someone experience btthurtedness, lets look at some metrics.

45th in the world in freedom of the press. maybe we should stop TRUMPeting how fucking totally awesome kickass MAGA we are.

That is shit and inexcusable.

Our legal system is seriously flawed as well, but now we likely have 8 years of MAGAtards screaming “O’Doyle rules” while we drive our debt up and collapse our social structures.

We have our heads up our asses.

Not hard to realize when you look at who is steering the ship and the utter nonsense his supporter spout.


Speak for yourself.


We do, too many of the ‘Murica!!!’ set are unwilling to look inward.

History will look back at this time very poorly


We can but apologize for obviously jeopordizing your well-being with our refusal to agree with you :thinking:


Have you read your posts?

One subjective ranking of press freedoming? Lol possibly very biased. There’s no data anywhere on there to determine this. Journalists jailed? What is it even based on?

You’ve not made any real arguments. Just name calling. And bashing the straw man. You should take a logic grammar and rhetoric class. I’ve seen 12 years old make better arguements than you lol.

You keep saying you’re not a sore loser for an election 2 years ago. But you keep referring to it. People like you are he reason he’s going to get elected again. Took me a while, but I saw the truth of how people acted like emotional children.


Give me some objective factual reasons on why. Not a opinion article not based on any data to rank.

How’s the economy?


Like actually how this has been a nightmare for you.


I think US News is butthurt.

Their college rankings have gotten a bad rep.


The civilized way to shut someone up is to leave him so ashamed of his own stupidity that he has nothing to say.

The SJW way to shut someone up is some sort of, er, direct action. The point of which is partly to prevent the SJW from being shut up in the civilized fashion.

One way, the stronger argument wins. The other way, the more brutal oppression wins.


It’s easy to search.

America scored even worse than Taiwan did this year, which is just pathetic as Taiwan’s scores are pretty bad as well (though it’s the best in Asia and has been for years, then again that says way more about Asia).

And it’s not just RSF. Freedom House also has a press freedom index and America doesn’t score too well there either. FH also has a freedom in the world index (measuring civil and political rights) and America scored horribly this year.

It’s not the US News’ ranking. It’s Reporters Sans Frontières’ ranking, which is probably the most commonly cited report on press freedom in the world.


[quote=“Gain, post:233, topic:173298, full:true”]

It’s easy to search.


Here’s what RSF website says about US ranking 45 in 2018, in quotes. It was 43 in 2017

“US press freedom… has been under increasing attack over the past few years, and the first year of President Donald J. Trump’s presidency has fostered further decline in journalists’ right to report.”

[So, looks like even Obama’s presidency was not good. Just a decline of 2pts from Obama’s last year.]

can read more there. looks like reporters mad at his verbal attacks, “fake news” moniker, and oh my gosh, violent anti-press rhetoric. kind of like it’s now illegal to criticize press or press coverage. Americans worry more about physical violence from Antifas, rather than violent rhetoric. the media has always had a free pass to express what it wants, but that doesn’t give them a right to go uncriticized. and this goes for both sides of the aisle.


According to them the US has never been great on press freedom.

Whatever you say. He is hostile to journalists.

And you obviously didn’t read the indicators. Partisanship would also hurt your scores. American media is probably the most divided in the world. The degree even puts Taiwan’s garbage reporting to shame. That’s some real achievement.


you’re preaching to the choir in this regard.
so, it’s kind of funny that RSF is sheeting (in an indirect way through its ranking) on American reporters, when it’s those same reporters who themselves are so biased. But, as noted before, throughout history, reporters have always taken sides. look into Joseph Pulitzer. they named a journalistic prize after him. Yellow journalism started with his New York World and Hearst’s New York Journal.


The US media scores low points in the index because their reports are biased, heavily politicized, non transparent etc etc. -> Trump attacking them is a bad thing


I don’t think the US has any issue regarding press freedom. The garbage they’re allowed to write based on “anonymous sources familiar with the matter” or “it’s just an opinion bro” never ceases to amaze me.


A lot of these seems rather subjective.


Yep more than half the news are accusations from anonymous sources of an anonymous source that knew someone 20 years ago or witnesses something back in the day. If anything the US Press are so free they’ve become Tabloid Trash. Very little facts almost all propaganda and opinions. If they have the freedom to publish unverified opinionated crap people have the right to call it crap.


When a left-wing organization like this gives the U.S. a low ranking for press freedom, we all know exactly what this means.