The Kavanaugh Fallout


not angry at all. just not buying the BS.

also brotherhood has dozens of definitions on urban dictionary, ranging from friendship to the weird.

so again, nice try on the whataboutisms, good effort trying to spin it as me being angry (I am actually laughing at the silliness).

He lied under oath.

he is a judge.



but y?


It’s a bit pathetic your last ditch effort is convincing us about the boofing and a threesome.


look Andrew you seem like a well intended individual, but you seem to be trolling me, and your posts are far off topic and largely away from logic and only interested in calling out my character.

I am only singling you out because you follow me from thread to thread with the same posts.

Kavanaugh lied under oath.

these are facts.

I presented the data above, not much more to say really.

EVERYONE knows this, only whataboutisms and bald face lies are the defense.



why would he lie @IulusGrun?

Because it pushes him too far over the fratty line of good taste. And THEY ARE LIES HE CAN GET AWAY WITH. Tough to prove, but obvious to those who were there.

I rate Trump for sticking with Kavanaugh, and I rate Kavanaugh for gaming the system. It was ballsy and they saw it out.

But to say Kavanaugh didn’t lie, c’mon, read the yearbook, only a fool would think otherwise.


wait but y tho
and how


Kinda like what happening to Kavanaugh?


Not sure what to make of your posts. Postmodernism trying to argue special pleading to Solipism? It’s an impossible and strange attempt imo. If you would engage and present ideas without personal attack and profanity you may have more luck in your endevours . Of course if your aim is simply to Troll, I apologize.



Here is what you can do with my posts.

Stop me where I am wrong.

Kavanaugh lied.

gave a false definition for ‘boof’ and a false definition for ‘the devil’s triangle.’

aside from the internet definitions and how those words have been used in popular speech for decades, there is the context with which they are used in his yearbook.

So if you want to call me out with your big boy words you had to look up after you watched a Jordan Peterson video and then tell me I am making personal attacks (which I am not, except a direct question to Andrew which wasn’t but could be interpreted the wrong way) find the irony in it at least.

Or prove my points wrong.

He lied, its a fact.


except Kavanaugh’s character comes into question after committing a felony (twice lying under oath)


Have honestly never heard of either of these terms in my life.



And when you call people liars that’s a pretty big personal attack.

Also you speak in a lot of absolutes.
“The only.”
“It’s a fact.”
“Everyone knows this.”

Have you ever considered that maybe, just maybe, you (and all the rest of us included of course ) don’t know quite as much as you think you do?


About the definition of boofing. Do you realize how you sound telling people this?

You seem to be an expert on what boofing is.




Are you not just opening yourself up to a sense of hypocrisy. It is so very contradictory and hard to follow. You state you are not personally attacking…then in the next post do exactly that. Sigh.
I suppose it is better that he had said he could not remember being present and gave vague answers? If he lied , then you have a point , but I still would consider him to be a goody goody, stable person …good or , at least, reasonable conduct for decades, especially in Law ?
The point is that the Man is fit for the job imo …no issues raised by anyone of serious consequence , after 6 previous FBI checks. Teenage years were not checked , unless a reason to was suspected and the decision,based on the FBI report after further checks…that the FBI deemed enough,was approved …at least no dramatic new evidence came to light.

You appear to have double standards on your “lying” exclusions, depending on whom lies?
By your metric Congress would be an empty building. If any politician admitted to having had a Gay relationship or a threesome in their teens…I don’t care. He has performed his duties well , for decades. There are only a handful of people as qualified in the USA, not thousands…and maybe you would have complained more if the alternative lady candidate was put forward, possibly…on political grounds? . I wonder if you will have the same zeal about any major Politician that is accused of lying in the coming weeks…let us see.


Guy says stop personal attacks and name calling. Calls us a bunch of names on the post before and next.


The hell is your problem. I hate Trump. No need to get your panties up in a wad.

Multiple sources from his HS have explained and confirmed Devil’s triangle was indeed a drinking game.




Your 'proof" is that you think the interpretation of the book is wrong. That is like me saying Dr. Ford’s testimony was a complete lie. I give her the benefit of testifying , but it is about proof, not conjecture.Your evidence is “everyone knows there is only one thing that could possibly be meant”. Ergo: K must be lying .


Sorry…thought they were pretty popular now :sleepy: I welcome an opposing view…really , I just would prefer less vitriol. Apologies.