The Kavanaugh Fallout


it’s a passive aggressive argumentative style.
a person will lose most if not all of an audience doing this.


So to prove that your interpretation of “boofing” is correct, you cherry-pick definitions from Urban Dictionary and expect that to be a convincing argument? What a complete joke. Like I said, it’s a completely subjective and nebulous term…there’s like a hundred different definitions in Urban Dictionary, and the definitions include farting. Is there any way to prove that isn’t what Kavanaugh meant? Of course not, and you know that. Maybe you need to spend more time raging at the sky. It’s probably a more effective way to get your aggressions out.


The problem for me, isn’t the definition of these words, it’s the fact the left were escalating their projection of frat boy behavior, from attempted rape, to slapping his dick in some girls face and then on to the ridiculous.

He then came out and said he was a virgin until many years after college. I get he might not be telling the truth, but where is one person to say definitively, “thats not true, I had sex with him”. Surely it would be easy to find one, when someone is being as promiscuous as they are portraying him to be.


Yeah, that was the strategy all along. Throw out as many accusations as you can and see what sticks. Hell, nothing even has to stick. The damage to his reputation is accomplished either way. Good thing it didn’t work this time. If it had, this would probably become the new normal on both sides.


What the Democrats wanted to do was to delay, delay, delay until after the mid-term election. Thanks to their identity politics, they have a couple big weapons. One weapon is accusations of racism, one is accusations of sexism. Lesser weapons involve gender and sex. They had Ford’s letter so sexism was the way.

To that end they just threw mud, hoping to pile up enough to halt his confirmation long enough to sort it all out. Democrats think they accomplished that. Republicans saw it differently. The letter was released at the very last minute and they’d already seen the Democrats try to delay, delay, delay.

I agree that it’s a good thing it didn’t work. Definitely would have become the new normal.


It is the new normal, it’s why it was so predicable. I also don’t believe that these new liberals can’t see though it which means they are on board with these tactics while at the same time pretending they can’t see or don’t understand.


They think they can have it both ways, and there’s a certain part of their voter base that will go along with it. But I don’t think it’s a winning strategy in the long run. People just get tired of all the bullshit at some point. I think they’ve made a big miscalculation going all in on the identity politics. In their bi-coastal echo chambers, everybody is buying in, but your average American just doesn’t go for this kind of thing. Most people are basically decent, and don’t want to be identified as part of one group in constant struggle with every other group.


Yep. I will be very curious about how badly this hurts Democrats in suburban/exurban precincts away from the coasts (or if it hurts them). Democrat were doing pretty well there before Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

It probably doesn’t help that Democrat Senators just caved and confirmed a batch of 15 Federal judges so they could get back home and campaign.

It’s all just Democrat politics in the age of Trump.


It’s the albatross that will hang around their neck for the next decade.

You want a society where people overlook differences and celebrate what they have in common, look out for each other, presume the best of each other, presumption of innocence, equal opportunity and rights for all, freedom of speech.

Or you want a society where every difference is used to divide, used as a wedge to claim injustice, where you have mob rule SJW type of public humiliation, guilty until proven innocent, censoring your opponents by force if necessary, a pure hate driven ideology.

One of these things is not like the other.


Perfectly put.


Democrats are addicted to their identity wedges (addicted is probably the wrong word). I’m not sure they can get away from it.

Racism and sexism are their only shovel-ready weapons. Sexism is instantly deployable thanks to #metoo. They’re using social media and their base to develop their gender and sex wedges.

It’s like the guy dying of thirst onboard a lifeboat at sea. They can’t stop drinking ocean water now, it’s the only water they think they have.


They can’t win a national election without 90% of the black vote, and their hold is starting to slip. That’s why they’ve been hitting so hard with all the racist attacks on Kanye West. If a Republican said any of the things they’re saying about a black person, they’d be drawn and quartered.


This is the point you hope intellectual honesty would kick in, that those who believe racism is wrong speak up and say something. The disheartening thing is, many will justify it.


Well, the “good” thing for the dems is that their current political class is so bad and so hard to support for “traditional” democrats voters, that once they come out with a candidate that looks and behaves like a normal human being it will actually energize the voter base and bring back many Bernie-bros etc etc.

“Hey guys, remember when we were absolute trash? Now we have a…someone to vote!” -> massive improvement compared to the current situation

Unless of course they get internally run over by the “”“democratic socialists”"" or whatever they call themselves (social democrats?), the wankers who think that Venezuela is actually ok.


I made a point , some time ago , that I thought Forumosa readers were reasonably representative of any community watching this , anywhere . Yes, we may be older blah blah , but after seeing opinions actually change on here … I truly believe that sentiment is echoed more than a little . Having lived through the problems caused by some of the policies proposed by the far left , I would hope to have damn good reason to fear them . In my younger years I may have been more idealistic and argued for social justice above all other considerations. I wish life was like that . It is not . The division is not good . My cranky advancing years have allowed me to look at all ethnicities in the same way … I really don’t see any color or sexual preference … just people Any group that uses those issues as a division is dangerous . I hoped the days of hatred were gone on both sides . Yeah … maybe I’m just grumpy now but… my hope is seeing , at least , some people appreciate the real “ justice” we must have .


I couldn’t believe my ears listening to the panel on CNN hurl racial insults at Kanye West and question his sanity. I sure hope someone with standing in the Democratic party will speak out against this, but I don’t really have my hopes up.


…you hate them all equally? I share your feelings.

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“meh, cow guy here is probably exaggerating…”

“Kanye West Is What Happens When Negroes Don’t Read”


Holy crap. I reacted in the same way that guy did. Yeah sure, it’s a comedy bit from years ago, but holy crap anyway.