The Kavanaugh Fallout


I am embarrassed and ashamed of what happened. I know none of it was my fault, but my trauma is paralyzing.

Now I regret ever telling you, my son (brother). It is attitudes like yours that keep women locked in a closet of fear and doubt. You are not the son I (our mother) raised. My son (brother) respects women. Who hurt you so bad that you have become such a hating incel?


It’s not disrespectful of women (at all) to ask them to take advantage of the ways the US judicial system has given them (everyone) to realize justice.

Arguing that going outside the judicial system to achieve justice is what’s called for (because pain), as you seem to be doing here, isn’t much more than an appeal to vigilantism. Which is part of the #metoo movement, I get it.

Encouraging women to ignore real justice is real disrespect. I know it’s corny, and I know it requires courage, but these are prerequisites to respect (sometimes).


I think that if to prove a point you need to resort first to appeal to emotion, then to faulty data*, your point may have a problem.

  • = they way they “calculated” that 1/5 of women are victims sexual abuse is so stupid that even Koko the gorilla, from the height of her 80 Iq, would have refused to publish a “study” like that. I think PraegerU even made a video about it, but you can find plenty of information explaining why the 1/5 meme is bullshit, along the lines of the wage gap.


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Racism? C.mon @Dr_Milker you running the SJW playbook now?

Any fan of hip hop or anyone who has followed the genre has seen Kanye’s descent into craziness over the last decade.

Its not a secret, its well documented and it started well before his May/November liaison with Capt Orange.


I spent the better part of yesterday discussing a #metoo meme I posted. Someone actually said

This is without a doubt the best discussion I have read in weeks… thanks! It’s visceral without being feeble, weak, pandering… kudos to all of you! :hugs: the stuff of great literature…

In it, we discussed using a creeper’s innate homophobia against his creeperism.

I think, regardless of how a rebuttal is couched, as long as it is on message, then, damn the torpedoes.

What irks me is discussing the delivery instead of the message. So it is an appeal to emotion. So what? It is directly cutting to the heart of the matter.

Answer my question without discussing the mode of delivery, if you will.

What if Dr. Ford was your sister?


Appeals to emotion are useless, as explained by their Wiki entry. It’s considered a logical fallacy because:

a) “I don’t care” -> what then? Apart from some moral outrage, you have no further way to prove your point, in a similar way to which arguments from authority fall on their knees

b) We’re discussing repercussions on the legal system if we start to #believeher with no real evidence. You cannot have a feelings-based legal system, therefore appeals to emotions are pointless

No, because the next step is that anyone with a grudge on you can give 50$ to a couple of crackheads, one of them claiming you raped her and the other one claiming to be an eyewitness.

There’s plenty of news like these even in the last few days. False rape allegations are a huge issue, because even when proved false or based on nothing, many people will still side with the “alleged” victim, see Kav. In his case, there’s also the issue of the political partizanship: Trump picked him therefore he must be the Antichrist.

On the contrary, the message is that women should speak out as soon as sexual assault happens, not wait 3 decades or more when there’s no possible evidence that the investigators can use.


Kanye is certainly quirky and unconventional, and a bit of an egomaniac, but he’s definitely not crazy.


Unless a true sociopath, the appeal to emotion, regardless of public retort, is still lodged in the memory and should create some cognitive dissonance. That is my goal with the emotional appeal. Not to win in a court of law, but to override a creeper’s moral compass and, either change his ways, or, dig a deeper hole and commit some worse internet act that causes a Shkreli effect.
These are visceral times and call for visceral debate. In days of yore, I would have conceded your point. But not today.


“Appeal to emotion or argumentum ad passiones is a logical fallacy characterized by the manipulation of the recipient’s emotions in order to win an argument, especially in the absence of factual evidence”

Yes, I knew that already, it’s literally the definition of what you did. Apart from scoring some points in the moral outrage chart, it achieves nothings when discussing legal issues.


I am not interested in discussing “legal issues”.

Therein lies our divide.

I want the writer (the late great MAGA in this case) to feel. Not to intellectualize. To feel. In his gut.


That’s some extra moral points, noice!


Who’s keeping score?


No one. That’s the problem with moral points. Feelsbadman.


I don’t see in in terms of finite game theory. We are playing for keeps. Infinite game theory requires will and resources to continue. I have a keyboard and internet connection. And I have the will to keep going.

It is up to real men to help out our sistren. If we can. Not at all easy to do, as Kevin found out on Shameless last week.


I would have questioned her politics years ago, I would have advised her to go to the cops as soon as she realized she may have been a victim. I would have warned her that she did not have any evidence and not to allow the Dem machine to "guide "her on the way. I would have warned her to be careful that any false testimony could end in a prosecution…many things.
What I find slightly bewildering is Toesave implying that we should have “faith” in Ford and her testimony …and believe her because she promotes good ideal that should be followed. I presume , on that basis, you are going to accept Christ in to your life from now? Don’t see a different premise to the reasoning .


So you think she is lying?


Good evening Cathy Newman :joy:
I do not know as there is no evidence.Neither of us know.


Well, I know acting. No one is that good at the craft. Therefore, she is telling the truth. I believe her completely.

He, on the other hand, was indeed acting. Auditioning in fact, as was Miss Lindsay of South Carolina. Ham-fisted, scenery-chewing acting.



Is it a legitimate question? To you I mean.