The Kavanaugh Fallout


You didn’t collate this yourself right ?You just reposted a partisan list of facts.
I’m sure the other side are doing the same.

Tell you what though that judge is far from impartial, he wouldn’t have been appointed in most countries. Too political . I realise the US is ‘special’.







Had Ford reported her sexual assault in 1982, it would have been misdemeanor sexual assault with a statue of limitations of one year. Maryland has since changed the law so that it’s a felony and has no statute of limitations.

There is no statute of limitations in civil court, however. Even today, 36 years later, she could sue for $1 + lawyer fees + court costs. If she wins that civil suit, then her attacker is ruined.

She’s passed on that for 36 years. Instead she wrote a letter to her Congresswoman, which was rewritten and passed to Sen. Diane Feinstein and kept in her desk since July. It was kept there ostensibly to protect Ford’s anonymity, but when it became apparent that Grassley was going to hold a Committee vote things changed. Only then did Feinstein send the letter to the FBI. And somehow the letter passed on to the Washington Post, who printed its contents while withholding Ford’s name.

So it’s never been about personal justice for CB Ford. She allowed it to become a political bludgeon for the Democrat party. Now that Kavanaugh has been sworn in and her experience is no longer politically useful, she wants to forget about it.

But she’s a hero still among the Democrats.


Give it 24/48 hours, people will forget about this and there will be some new fuel for the “This is an outrage” thread.


It is approaching the time people have hissy fits about Starbucks not saying “Merry Christmas” on their cups.


This is why innocent till proven guilty is so important. Anyone could make up something as a weapon. The creeps that I’ve run into continued their creepiness throughout their lives. Probably 3 times in my career have I been threatened in this way and instead of responding like someone who needs to be saved, I drew the line and the creep backed away. I also had a great family who taught me that I was as good as anyone else. We all need to be stronger about what is right and wrong and support people who can’t speak up. Real support isn’t just screaming at people to push your agenda. We need to be careful about accusations that can’t be proven otherwise men will choose to not interact with women out of fear of being falsely accused. There are some really good men out there who see us as sisters, daughters, wives, and mothers. I can’t imagine if this happened to my father, husband, son or brother. This has already limited careers for many women.


Finally, someone who gets it. I applaud you for standing up for yourself and for being a strong independent women.

But you are right, offices are already being designed with glass panels, for this reason. Male managers will not take a meeting one on one with a woman subordinate without asking another person to be present. Because obviously it has become a liability.

Those that push these tactics rarely think of the repercussions. Those that seemingly pushed these tactics against Kavanaugh I bet didn’t care. Whats the worst that could happen from trashing this mans reputation? I guarantee you, those cheering it on have zero clue what the potential ramifications are.


Tell me this: Why does the potential for false accusations limit the careers of women and the potential for men sexually assaulting women doesn’t limit the careers of men?

You’re acting as if women are running around constantly accusing men of shit they didn’t do, but completely ignoring the fact that it happens A LOT and needs to fucking stop. Not everybody is in a position like Aikaili to be able to draw a line, for one reason or another. There are way more actual reports of sexual assault and rape then there are false accusations. So the glass panels and having another person in a room? I don’t think that’s a result of false accusations, if anything it’s to protect the company from men who may be shitheads. The idea that politics is a reason not to come forward is ridiculous.

What was your reaction when Eric Schneiderman was the subject of one of Roman Farrows articles? Were you concerned about his reputation at any point? He’s done great work on both that accusation and Kavanaugh’s (Farrow, I mean), but for some reason only one bares any relevance to some people.


I had to look him up, but after doing so recall this part.

“Sometimes, he’d tell me to call him Master, and he’d slap me until I did.” Selvaratnam, who was born in Sri Lanka, has dark skin, and she recalls that “he started calling me his ‘brown slave’ and demanding that I repeat that I was ‘his property.’ ”

I don’t know about you, but coming from someone who was championing women’s rights this would seem to be a tad hypocritical. I didn’t follow up on the story, was it fake news?

Besides, the repercussions related to Schneiderman and Kavanaugh are not comparable. Told you. Those cheering on the hit job would have no clue what the potential ramifications are.


Do you have an example?

I think that in 2018 and #metoo the potential you mention boosts the careers of women.


No. Everyone is saying this based on his second committee hearing.

The fact is, as CNN reported, Trump called him up and told him to behave that way.

His popularity was declining from all the smears, so they needed to rev up the base. So he basically gave a Trump campaign speech, stocked with redneck bait that Trump always throws around. He’s not usually like that.


Kavanaugh sounded unhinged to me…The Clintons…The Left are out to get me.
Terrible pick for a supreme court judge. Wearing his politics on his sleeve.


I actually agree with this point, I think I have said the same.


The canned speech about the daughter praying for Ford at bedtime.

Come off it!!


Probably about as fake as Kavanaugh. Which is to say it was pretty damn credible. But again, has the potential to be politically motivated, no physical evidence, and the victims decided not to pursue it any further. The overall responses were just a bit different.

I wasn’t the one making the claim. I would hope no companies would be that stupid.

If nothing else, we live in a world where the “great minds” of the world mock a movement like #metoo and joke about protesters wearing pussy caps because they find it funny, not thinking about the implications behind either of these.

Young men and women growing up in a country where the president of the united states mocks a purported sexual assault survivor really will shape the next 30 or so years because it dictates who will do what, when. Because if those men grow up to think sexual assault is a joke, they’ll treat it as one, and if young women think they can’t come forward because they’re the joke, then that’s the way the world will go.

Parenting can only go so far when the “most powerful man in the world” is giving a stand up set to a crowd of adoring fans on a woman reporting sexual assault. He’s really got his “tight 15” down at this point. And I find it weird people keep blaming the media for that man’s stupidity.


You really have me giving google a workout today, even with google I didn’t get “tight 15”. Could you be so kind as to enlighten the not so in with the lingo crowd?


15 minutes of good stand up jokes.


I think we Americans live in an America where US citizens are entitled to due process before the law, where whole lives and careers are never ruined based on nothing more substantive than an accusation.

The idea behind #metoo, opposition to sexual harassment and sexual assault, is unassailable in my opinion. Nobody disagrees. It’s almost tautological; it’s an obvious truth.

But when nothing but an online, social media accusation becomes the sole criterion by which we judge the guilt or innocence of the accused, then mockery walks in and takes over. It’s an outcome that follows a long tradition of mocking an absence of justice in Western civilization.


This is not true.

I just looked it up on wiki (I know weak sauce). Some facts.

  1. Mayer and Farrow reported that they confirmed the women’s allegations with photographs of wounds and bruises.
  2. statements from friends in whom the women had confided after the assaults.
  3. 4 women had similar stories.
  4. Schneiderman said: "'In the privacy of intimate relationships, I have engaged in role-playing

He’s not even denying he engaged in role play.

Now take Kavanaugh portrayed as a party animal, engaged in devil’s triangle type of sex orgies, drugging women to have gang rape. pretty promiscuous stuff, yet he claims he was a virgin until years after all these events took place.

Has anyone definitively stated they actually had sex with Kavanaugh during this time. Because it would only take one to invalidate his claim of being a virgin, you would think for someone as promiscuous as Kavanaugh is being made out to be, there would be one person who could definitively say. “His claim of being a virgin is not true”