The Kavanaugh Fallout


Mr Bean talking. Dr House not complaining about lupus. What is this trickery??

But I do believe they’ll run the plan of calling everyone a racist again. After two years of failure I’d expect the dems to change strategy, so if they keet calling everyone a racist they’ll clearly catch me off guard and change my mind.


Democrats. Gotta love 'em.

After going to defcon 5 in September over Kavanaugh some new polling data is in. Turns out Americans don’t much like the way Democrats behaved.

Senate seems to be a lock for the GOP and many House races are now polling such that neither candidate has 50% of the vote. Could go either way on Nov. 6. Prior to Kavanaugh the Senate was in jeopardy and the Democrats had the House locked down. No longer reflected in the polls.

So what to write if you’re a Democrat media person? Channelling Emily Litella (old SNL) seems to be popular. Here’s NYT’s David Leonhardt’s impersonation.

The fight over Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation appears to have nationalized the campaign, causing some Trump-skeptical Republican voters to return to the fold. That’s why Democrats and progressive activists need to change the subject away from divisive cultural debates and back to pocketbook issues.

“Never mind,” says Emil…I mean Leonhardt. Yeah, after manufacturing a deeply divisive cultural “debate,” throwing unending mud, and then insisting that only the FBI can sort it out the Democrats don’t poll well. Whoda thunk.

I still think the House is lost to the GOP, but they’ll keep their Senate majority. Even so, the old stranglehold the Democrat media has on Americans is dying a slow death under President Trump. Maybe, just maybe, their identity politics is on the wane, too. Guy can hope.


…Or he was lying and she was telling the truth.
Both those possibilities are true. And he was definitely spoofing his way through that Senate confirmation.

Everything he said was carefully scripted to get Senate votes and conservative support and I’m sure a lot of it was bollocks. Supreme court judges aren’t supposed to lie. No judges are supposed to lie .

‘My daughter is praying for her …’ (daughter…Five votes…Praying…Five votes…Family man…Five votes)
‘clintons’ (10 votes )
'i like beer ’ (20 votes)
‘the left’ (10 votes)

If she’s an actor he’s just the same.


why would she invite the other participant in the Devil’s Triangle attempt to be at the Senate hearing if she was lying?


She could be lying too, I think she may well have been telling the truth but there wasn’t enough evidence to back it up at the end of the day.

Kavanaugh is what we call a spoofer though. Easy to spot.


who is “we”?
you part of the urban dictionary writer crowd? :slight_smile:


Fixed that for you.


Respect for that post . A valid point. I think that the requested information the Senators asked her for , that was not supplied for various reasons, may have helped her case too. You said Judges are not supposed to lie, I get that , but accusers should not also , and we are left here with a vague accusation and vague answers.


If that was for a management job he would have failed the interview, badly.

I guess it’s not exactly equivalent because it’s a political thing and he’s going in as a political tool but he wouldn’t have been hired in a business org with that kind of display of bias, anger, resentment, spoofing and dare I say paranoia…


Gotta love someone with the chutzpah to quote The Urban Dictionary as an authoritative source of word definitions.


Maybe so, but definitely he would have failed an audition.

Evidently he isn’t used to making the words of others his own (his testimony was partially scripted for him).



Don’t need the Urban Dictionary, I lived it, probably a decade or so younger than Kavanaugh, was fratty and boozey me own self, and know FULL WELL what boofing and a Devil’s triangle are and they aren’t what he said.

Probable deniability is why he lied. And the goose stepping automatons on the right will just spew out whatever Donny or Tuck tells em too anyways, so he will have lots of backing.

Them or one of them there proud boys (lower case, take it easy) from the dark web.

except Sam Harris, the logical thinker of the group, he sees it as I do.

Love that fact.



People who are sexual predators and exhibit anti social behaviors, don’t usually just stop without major behavioral therapy. He has be on the up and up with his nose clean for decades. If he was doing stupid shit (who didn’t in their Hs/college days) and sexually assaulting women. It would have came up at some point.

How many of us would get jobs if we air out all our stupid shit in our early youth? Seems like a unfair way to judge someone who has had no issues to disqualify him for decades on the job.

How many of you would give the definition of boofing in front of congress lol.


Fortunately most of us aren’t being nominated for a Supreme Court position anytime soon !


Yes. It’s not a good look for a SCOTUS justice though.


True. He’s in. Let this blow by.






Sdrumpf 's Gestapo is trying to silence the resistance!!!1!1