The Kavanaugh Fallout


Wtf? She says it was 10 years ago at someone else’s house.

One of my best friend who is a Jew dressed up as Hitler for a halloween party we went to. I’m sure we are in some pictures, probably 6-7 years ago. These day some nutters would probably try to get me fired from my job and whatever company would probably give in.


We just found who’s going to be the next atoha at the center of a K-man article!

In before:“he’s not really an atoha…” - they’ll just blur his face in the photos and claim he’s 100% aryan.


We still on a Soros caravan or does this too go into the great conspiratard heap of broken conspiracies?


Confirming the feelings that many conservatives had about the Kavanaugh nomination, Kavanaugh sided with Roberts and the liberal judges in not hearing a case on states’ ability to defund abortion-providing organizations like Planned Parenthood.

Seems like leftists flipping out that the Kavanaugh nomination would be the end of Roe v Wade and that Kavanaugh was some sort of conservative extremist were majorly overreacting. Kavanaugh is and always was a rather moderate conservative judge and has never posed a threat to Roe v Wade. Many conservative commentators knew this. It’s much more likely that Kavanaugh ends up being another Roberts-type swing vote than a hardline conservative judge.


But…the media told me…everyone argued:“how could he ever be objective???”…

Really activates my almonds.