The Kavanaugh Fallout


You lost, you are evidently using nothing but rumor to make yourself feel better about it, and you’re shouting.



Psychological projection is a defense mechanism people subconsciously employ in order to cope with difficult feelings or emotions. Psychological projection involves projecting undesirable feelings or emotions onto someone else, rather than admitting to or dealing with the unwanted feelings.


Agree that politics is a game of compromise. However, Democrats hold no cards. They have no basis for bargaining.

Win some elections. We can talk about compromise then.


Points for persuasive use of potty mouth rhetorical technique.


Because either

A. You did not even vote so you are responsible for a unfit leader.

B. You did engage with the electoral process with your own candidate in mind and is only now complaining that your candidate didn’t win.

And the only reason he is nominated is because the president had the power to nominate a judge. Which is a fact you should have knew going into the above A and B process. If you are unhappy, you get to vote again next term! That’s the. Great thing about democracy.

The presidency is a win lose, there’s no compromise of like a co president…what are you saying.

  1. Please use Google next time, it allows a custom range so you can get articles from 2012
  1. You seem new, so this seems like a good time for a reminder. We have a rule against name calling, and this goes for all. Please remember to not to engage in name calling with other posters.


The Dems ended compromise on Supreme Court justice nominations in the mid 80s when they borked Bork and when they provided a high tech lynching of Clarence Thomas in the early 90s.

All is fair in love and war. :cowboy_hat_face: Just do not cry when Repubs play the game better.


I have actually nailed you to a tree. You guys are all the same, that is why you love to gather bi-monthly and do your little proud buy chants together in unison.

Kavanaugh is to ensure Trump stays in office, nothing else, you can go back to reading your likeminded media and calling everything else fake news, because differing ideas hurt your brain, but at the end of the day, you are as predictable as Keelung rain.


Exactly, how can I be projecting my insecurities of losing when I’ve not lost in my mind… :joy:


Again the rumor.

I smell TILT. Why don’t you go somewhere, cool off, and we can talk when you’re feeling better.


Hahaha :rofl:


That’s what’s happening to you. It’s amazing you’re calling everyone things you’re doing.


not rumor, fact. You know, I know it, we all know it.

Your only defense is to say I am a sore loser (over the election of two years ago? C’mon).

Now I am on tilt?



rubber glue defense. Nice, enlightening


Clarence Thomas. What did he and Kavanaugh have in common?




see above

resorts to name calling. lost cause. kthxbyby


Well, better in this post. No all caps, no gif, a bit calmer.

Still stuck on rumor, though.

Kavanaugh was nominated because he’s Ivy league, smart, movement conservative, bulletproof CV, he’s known in the GOP, he’s a good man, and he was thoroughly vetted by the Federalist Society.

He was confirmed because of all of the above, plus the Democrat party overplayed its hand.

No idea where you get the sore loser idea that he’s there to save Trump. I mean, I know it’s a popular symptom of Democrat TDS, but that’s it.


Seriously, come on.

Did you

A. Not vote?
B. Vote?

You knew that the justices are nominated by the president. If you’re unhappy; vote again.


What was that you were saying about projecting? Too comical.