The Kavanaugh Fallout


B voted

but my state will not change unless the coastal areas crumble into the Pacific.

this guy, Kavanaugh, short lists aside (shouts out to Mick for untwatting himself) is a bit of a shitshow.

even the gray areas of rape aside, I have my doubts too, he seems off, imbalanced, his prepared speech was partisan hackery of the highest order.

he is unfit.

trouble with political dialog in our fair land is it is a zero sum game. win at all cost. disagree with anyone and you are the worst of the other side.

Kavanaugh IS a shit choice, and that was on full display last week. Saying otherwise is just plain wrong. We all watched and listened to his prepared talk.


Ok, I respect your opinion of him and your right to have such an opinion. And I would strongly encourage you to continue voting again. Even if if it’s in a state that’s probably locked. My first votes were democrat in Texas, not that meaningful. Later my republican votes on Texas are kinda also meaningless as they probably will win by a landslide.


Ok, I can agree there. But do you not see you’re also doing this?


It was a coached speech designed to push Senate Republicans over into the Yes column.

And I’m not sure how you could possibly rank partisan hackery of a higher order than we saw from the Democrats and their media arm, who had all but accused him of being a serial rapist, a drunk, etc.

Beginning to look like projection to me, too.


yep, but once the food fight starts you have no choice but to bypass that apple for the pudding


What matters is he’s in. Good luck arguing that away.

There are certain people whose opinions don’t matter unless you decide to care. They also tend to be the people who can’t be reasoned with, which is convenient.

Kavanaugh is on the Supreme Court, folks. Deal with it.


You did start by insulting Americans as people who would hang out with rapists. It’s a pretty nasty accusation of many of my good countrymen.


stiff upperlip, chap


Right back at you



You seem like a guy with strong opinions but with some respect for facts (benefit of the doubt). Why not cool off for a bit and come back later? We can all have a conversation that’s a little less angry, and maybe it will even be a good discussion.



Thanks pal. maybe if your high horse allows us to ride double we can both giddy up (just kidding, relax).

Its a difficult thing having a non-right wing opinion these days because the right is so well coached up to throw any discouraging words into the snowflake antifa pile and to go on about ‘winning’. That is sad, really sad, and kind of pathetic and thus I get irked.

Make a point, and then in return get…YOUR just sad because you lost, go vote next time and come back when you win!!! O’Doyle rules!!!

Lets all come back a bit better next time


You wouldn’t believe how much my right-wing coach charges per hour. (just kidding, relax)

It’s a deal, we’ll all be a bit better next time.



I’m just saying it seemed awfully fast to be thorough.

I guess credible evidence that they didn’t do their jobs properly would be that they apparently didn’t interview Ford, Rodriguez and Roche and possibly others.


My understanding is that ford didn’t even want to testify under oath anymore either way. Although it’s not clear why they didn’t interview with both parties directly about that particular incident ford accused of.


Kavanaugh had already been through a FBI BIC when he was with the Bush administration. Supposedly it was extremely thorough. That should have covered Kavanaugh’s high school years. Could be that there was no need to investigate more, that they’d already covered it.

Not sure I understand why Ford would need to be involved. What’s she going to do, recant and commit perjury? She already testified that she remembered almost nothing. How does the investigation become more complete by interviewing Ford?

One way the Democrats shot themselves in the foot was to announce that their strategy was to delay, delay, delay. Feinstein may have broken the law by pocketing Ford’s letter. She should have explained to Ford in July that Congress has a duty to turn over the letter immediately to the FBI, or give it back to Ford. Worst thing they could have done is stick it in a desk drawer for a rainy day, especially when their press had already told everyone under the sun their endgame was to delay, delay, delay.

Democrats clusterfucked this pretty badly.


This is not a conclusion solely based on the reactions to Kavanaugh’s appointment. It’s a conclusion drawn from a long term observation. The user-base of this site is very obviously rightist. Don’t tell me it’s not the case cause that’s bullshit.


When the “white euro centric patriarchy” folks call you “far right”, you’re doing ok in life.


I think that’s a fair conclusion by Gain. I’ve gone a bit righty in some of my opinions as I’ve aged, but I’m still left of many posters on here. Kavanaugh’s voting over time has been consistently conservative, so those supporting him must surely share the same views.

That’s not to say that I believe the way he has been treated has been fair.


Personally , I think the “User-base " here more or less mirrors the rest of the World. There are a few quite extreme Posters on both sides of the spectrum, but do you infer …Conservative, Republican, Nationalist, whatever, as “Rightist”? Furthermore, would it not be rather boring if everyone was one side or the other ? As long as everyone follows the Rules that the site requires, we are allowed opposing views…from either side. You state that this site is obviously rightist…I think it swings both ways at times…but you are just as entitled to be " Leftist”…these are opinions/observations discussions. Is your point that there are MORE rightists?