The Kavanaugh Fallout


Nah, they just complain the loudest.
Ironic because in the Usa they got the House, the Senate and the Presidency. And they still mad.


It does not. It mirrors a certain demographic (white, middle aged men from America). It does not mirror the rest of the world.


Out of the ones beating the drum on the American right seems @bojack is the only native son.

edit: and maybe @rowland
edit: but yeah prob all white guys


You make that sound like a criticism ? Guess you deem them all as “Deplorables”… not a great plan to change the US Government . I would love TG, YYY, Toesave, DrewCutz,Andrew0409,mad masala,aikaili, Zapman, to hear that they are middle aged Men from the USA. Really?


But it’s not going to mirror the rest of the world, is it. It’s an expat website.


What’s @Dr_Milker , chopped liver?!

I think there are a handful of other Americans who who are not @rowland who drop by now and then, too. Maybe some lurkers as well. @Andrew0409 has a dark blue passport and stops by to rep while he’s waiting on more stuff to break in Malaysia.


Don’t think that would change your Political opinions. We all know ( sometimes the News incites posters) that the mix exists, of Political views.


The problem for me in this left/right thing and I have always considered myself left leaning.

Is some of the most basic principles, freedom of speech, innocent until proven guilty, equal rights and opportunities for all, were all principles of the left, I would argue that was valid criticism of those on the political right in the past and still is in the case of gay marriage.

But the left has shifted, everyone used to agree a country needs a border and immigration laws, now open borders is a policy to be discussed. If you suggest that might not be the brightest idea, suddenly you become an alt-right supporter. It didn’t used to be that way.


I disagree with some things , like I think a Woman should have a right to decide on the Life Issue…Religious things can irritate , agree with Immigration but also Borders/Control…many issues. like Mick, I certainly do not paint myself as Far Right. Slightly Right :grin: being pushed further Right without changing my views.


True story, I voted for Hillary Clinton last election. I never thought the US would collapse if Trump became prez, but I didn’t think he was fit for the job, either. Even though she’d conspired with CNN and the DNC to win the nomination - undeniable proof that she was corrupt - I thought she was a lesser evil than Trump. I voted for Kasich in the GOP primary, in Virginia.

I also voted for Obama in 2008. He’d lost me by 2012, though. Romney would have been a killer president, I think. And he would have kept Trump from running in 2016. 2012 was bad for the nation and in more ways than one. Obama should have been a one-termer.


There are a disproportionate number of crusty guys who say what they like and bloody well like what they say on here. Myself included.

It’s refreshing to have someone like Gain to counter that. But he’s never going to lead someone to a Road of Damascus epithany. Foromosa is never going to be like that.

As an aside, what is it with your random capitalisation?


Would you have gone for Bernie? So many dems I know were horrified at Hillary.


Bit extreme on the Religion front ? Anyway you Leftist Judas B*stard :rofl:


I love to mix those capitals to add excitement. Wait till I start with the ellipses…:kissing_heart:


Some of the best people I’ve ever known were Mormon. I’m big on faith, but I’m not very religious at all. I don’t support basing government on religion, but faith is for everybody.

Anyway, Mormons are not evangelicals, not in my experience. They support missions for their kids, but they’re all about tough love. Mormons are good people.

Bit of advice, if Mormons ask you to stop by on Thanksgiving morning for a little touch football, consider a couple knee wraps. Maybe even some light padding. In my experience Mormons have interesting ideas about what constitutes “touch.” They go hard, and they do not fuck around on the football field. No whining, either.


I could not get over Bernie’s lack of commitment to the Democrat party. If you want to be the nominee, join the party.

I never did see a way to pay for the promises he made, either. He’d never done anything in life but be in government, and I thought it showed. Senators rarely make good presidents, but I thought Hillary’s experience as FLOTUS was enough. A kind of shadow experience.

No, I could not have voted for Sanders.


Mormons lost me on the Prop 8 battle.
I’ve harbored bitterness ever since.


This is interesting. Trump sort of follows a similar parallel.
The two party system just seems stale and yet anything more seems too complicated and diluted.


As much as I disagree with @rowland and find some of his posts a bit extreme, I do appreciate this point of view here. It would be boring if there wasn’t people like him on both sides of the spectrum.

And I’m not a crusty white middle aged man!!!

For me, I consider the US my 2nd come. With all the imperfections and ugliness of it, I’m not daft to say it’s perfect. But it is by far one of the most fair and stands for values I believe in. I took my oath to obey and protect the constitution seriously when i swore a oath to the US becoming a citizen.


How dare you ! :relaxed: Are you assuming my Gender?