The Kavanaugh Fallout


That doesn’t mean he can’t be an effective president. Think of all the highly effective CEOs of successful corporations who are douchebags. Douchebags get shit done.


So? He was still duly elected. I think it’s our duty to find a way through that.

The new president is owed a grace period, no matter what.


they just cockblocked for 400 days.

the dems are gonna pull that same shit when they get congress back.

and oh boy you guys are gonna be angry.

we will need thrice weekly peprallies to keep the Trumpies in smiles.


Mostly with demonstrable cause. But you left out the charge that matters most: failure.

Ozymandias was a sucky president. He just was.


Garland was another Obama mistake of trying to bridge the gap.
Repubs were ready to confirm him day one if Hilary won.


perhaps, based on those metrics, but just promise me when the big collapse happens (and its coming) you will own it.

‘those metrics’ being right wing media talking points.


Plenty of his liberal colleagues say he is impeccably qualified. You are just spouting ignorant nonsense.


he found colleagues to back him up. Must not have drank with them yet. hahahaha, because he is an alkie right? get it? the joke, Kavanaugh is a drunk who gets a bit handsy.

I like beer too.

a lot.


We can tell.


just don’t forget to wear a rubber if you get all horned up because once you knock that girl up, you keepin that baby.


I, for one, cannot stand Trump. But when it comes to things that matter to me, like commitment Taiwan, and keeping the government from raping the church, he has done measurably well.


how does a government rape a church?


I disagree with Trump on Saudi Arabia, on trade agreements, on immigration, etc.

That being said — I would have voted for him if I were a Yank just to ensure Kavanaugh and Gorsuch.


The big collapse I see coming is a repeat of the 2008 financial debacle - because everything that caused that is still in place.

When it comes, I’ll grade Trump on how he handles it. This time, people need to go to jail. That’s the metric.

Oh, and after midterms I hope he’ll get aggressive in cutting spending, to get that debt down. Just slowing the rate of increase isn’t enough.
On, and he should push to dismantle Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Not politically feasible now, but it will be.


With the Pope’s acquiescence. But that’s another thread.


I think it’s easy to think that from far away. In the States, in NY State, the GOPers and Real Trump fans are not depressed at all. The rallies are a never ending party that is solidifying the base for sure, but it is also inspiring every four years voters to come back in for a mid-term dessert. Trump has a couple of legit wins now, 2 SCOTUS picks, New NAFTA, roaring economy and stock market. Add a little energy independence, 50 year lows in unemployment across all racial groups, and no new wars. The Dems can’t move the goalposts anywhere it matters to most voters.

Without a doubt, Trump is a numpty, but he has a way of hitting enough cogent points to bring back the center right folks, and his stand up comedy is how he keeps the working stiffs , well, just interested in government. I just drove from Albany to Syracuse and Ithaca back to Albany, through middle America. The Trump signs are still there, bigger than ever…painted on barns.

I for one can’t wait for the real ads attacking the Left come out. Between Cory Booker shouting at Devos and claiming Spartacus, Kamala Harris mock cross examinations, Feinstein’s Chinese spy, Nancy Pelosi lack of support, Chuck Schumer’s nonsense and a bit of domestic abuse by Keith Ellison, #MeToo put up against Clinton and Teddy Kennedy…it’s going to a Thanksgiving to remember.

And in the end, none of it will matter. Both parties are global isolationists. Bretton Woods is being slowly strangled to death.


Maybe. Beltway rumor was that that Hillary would have dumped Garland on day one so she could begin building the Hillary Court, and McConnell and the GOP would have been fine with that.


Pelosi being surprisingly honest about the Democrat smear playbook.


In other words, it wasn’t personal until the Dems made it personal.

The trouble with the Republican establishment has been a refusal to face a crucial truth of our time: that moderation and compromise are washed up. This latest episode brought some clarity to some of them.

The uniparty is tearing itself apart. Good riddance to a bad illusion.