The Kitten who Defied the Prognoses - now ready for adoption

Hello, folks. My name is Junie and I am a success story if ever you’ve seen one! My tale started a few months ago when my mommy dropped me off at the doorstep of an Animals Taiwan worker’s house. I am not sure why she did that, but I am sure it was a tearful departure for her! The kind AT worker brought me to the center, and there I was showered with love and care even though the vets said I was blind and couldn’t smell and probably wouldn’t live long because of my mental disabilities.

But boy did I prove the docs wrong!

After three weeks with my foster family, I am now a super-healthy playful kitten! I’m still quite small for my age, but I am definitely growing into a beautiful cuddly cat. My favorite thing to do is going on walks with my foster mom and sleeping on her chest. I am still learning to use the litter box and I am getting better each day. If you are looking for a furry best friend who loves to cuddle up with you after a hard day of work, I am your girl! I would be happy to listen to all your woes, complaints, and accomplishments any time of the day if you would just give me a chance!

Please call Brandy on 0966 876 829 or at the Animals Taiwan rescue centre: 02 2833 8820. You can also email

Thank you! I look forward to brightening up your day!

What a sweetie. Looks like my Ping. Good luck little Junie.

I’ve got a cat (ex-stray, of course) that used to be blind and epileptic when he was a couple of months old. Vet had no idea why, or if he we would get better, but then he did get better and is now a healthy 3.5 year old.

That’s good to hear! :bravo:

Junie is amazing - better and better every day. When we first got her, she couldn’t eat or drink by herself and just walked in circles. But the AT staff refused to give up on her, force-fed her around the clock, and encouraged her to explore her surroundings. Now she’s as good as - if not better than - any other.

Let’s make this the ultimate happy ending; let’s get her adopted on Forumosa. :discodance:

She’s blind? If one was to adopt a blind kitten, how would one go about teaching their new baby it’s surroundings?
I’m tempted to adopt her. That story was lovely. But I can’t. Sorry. :cry:

Well, it looked like she was blind, but over time we realised that she could see but it just didn’t register or she wouldn’t react as others would.

If we held her up to our face, her eyes never sought ours; if we waved fingers in front of her eyes, she appeared not to notice them and wouldn’t even blink. But then we noticed she would follow you walking around the room, and she would suddenly jump from your lap to the table, so clearly she could make herself visibly aware when she wanted to.

Now, it seems, she is able to see like any other cat, so no need to teach her her surroundings. If you want more info about Junie, I can put you in touch with her amazing foster carer (a Forumosan). I have a blind dog now and am learning how to care for him, so if you really want more info about that, let me know.

See what I mean? We took Ginger back to the vet when he got better and it was obvious to us that he could see. The vet waved stuff in front of his face and he took no notice whatsoever and he didn’t believe us, typical cat!

Cats are like that. :fume:

“But doctor, you see, it is not the same at home! … This has never happened before. … I swear I don’t know where he learned that!”