The lack of money is the root of all evil? … g-high-rec

the pursuit of an escape from a dreary existance
but what a way to go about it
is there no other way?

Thailand may be the land of smiles , but its abject poverty still chains and criminalizes many.

How desperately sad.

It’s the other way round though, tommy. Poverty of spirit creates material poverty. Thai culture is fucked-up. The people in that village are not poor. They have food, houses, land, work, family, and various mod cons. They lack nothing. Everything wrong with their lives is in their own heads. I’ve seen this shit and I’ve lived it, too. It’s like watching people cowering in jail cells, refusing to walk out of the wide-open doors.

Yes i do agree with you. Its the poverty of spirit . You are quite right. They measure their existence with material goods. That is true of many. But not for all.

What many of these girls face is that they are uneducated and not likely to bring in enough money to support their parents and/or children that they have at a very young age.

IN Thailand many become whores, thinking its easy money for awhile and its the way to go. Just go to Bangkok.

Many girls from Vietnam go the marriage route, getting married to men from foreign lands from a professional introduction and taking a chance. Marrying someone they cant even speak with.

Again that is driven by the desire to better ones life and better ones parents lives.

I guess we cant really judge until we have walked in their shoes.

But prosperity of a country will hopefully give another way to poor village girls, other then to be whores or uproot themselves to another country on a huge chance by marrying a stranger.

Taiwan had similar problems too in the past with aboriginal girls being sold into 2 or more years of sex slavery for something like only 10,000 usd/year.

OR less.

That practice took decades to stamp out. Now most ladies of the night chose that road .

Feels weird that i have already watched that, really wish they would do a follow up video to see how their lives turned out… but we all know that aint gonna happen

Money is definitely the main root of evil, it gets even worse when further amplified by greed, vengeance and all those other nasty things

It’s not “lack of money”, it’s “love of money”. At least, if you’re talking about the Biblical quote.

And in fact these prostitutes are in the same situation – they can survive well enough on what they make (hell, they can make enough in a few years of hooking to buy their own homes and businesses and go legitimate), but they’d rather party and try to find a sugar daddy.

For that matter, instead of “spending half their money on interpreters”, they could just LEARN ENGLISH. It’s not THAT bloody hard. There’s an alphabet of twenty-six or so characters, and this thing called “the internet” that anyone can access that has lots of tutorials, and, like, throbbing herds of English teachers roaming around Thailand willing to trade sex for lessons, and all that.

I just switched to watch the video for a sec. At 4:10, the village “letter writer” says, “Without money, there’s no love”. :s And in Part 2 of the video, the girl goes back to the Bangkok brothel she works in, until the English guy decides to send money to her, at which point it’s the brothel owner who stops her from having sex with other foreigners so she can learn to be a “wife”. :loco:

I don’t get it. I really don’t get why anyone would marry a prostitute, or even a “former” prostitute. Especially one who wants the guy to give her cash so she can build a house back in Thailand (which the video also talks about), which he can’t legally have any ownership interest in.

It’s a business deal, but marriage was traditionally like that in many places. I don’t really see the problem myself if both parties want to do this.

Obviously the community itself helps to cause this pattern, but look at it from the other side too.
There are loads of guys with problems in some foreign country also thinking that money can buy them happiness.

I don’t think the documentary is giving us all the details of where these bar workers are coming from in terms of poverty or anise etc. its showing that some of them come from relatively stable or prosperous, backgrounds which is the interesting contrast to our expectations.

The fixer lady is interesting, propably Chinese Thai.

The most surprising thing was the foreign husband show, one could say its encouraging prostitution and the ‘easy option’ but from another angle it shows the openness and seeming lack of judgment from locals and local men in particular.

Well, sure. What I don’t get is why a guy would marry a hooker. There are hundreds of thousands of single women in Thailand who might be interested in dating a foreigner and who have not been prostitutes.

The village karaoke professional who decided to go to Bangkok to become a prostitute, just so she could meet foreign men, is the really mind-boggling one. I mean, seriously, how does THAT look like a good idea? :loco: