The Last Minute 2013 New Year's Eve Party (12.31)

10, 9, 8 ,7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…
Oh, yes! It’s on again!

frog in a sock is back with The Last Minute 2013, and it’s gonna be big, Gangnam Style!

Where will you be when the clock strikes 2013?

Déjà Vu @ Huashan 1914 Creative Park

9 DJs
All your friends

NT$800 pre-sale/NT$1000 at the door.

10:30pm to 5am December 31

(Chinese version coming soon)

Want to know more???
++All your friends will be there

++The location, Déjà Vu, is Mando-pop superstar Jay Chou’s impressive restaurant in the heart of the Huashan Creative Park. The venue is in easily accessible in the middle of downtown Taipei and just a three-minute walk from Shantao Temple MRT.
(Address: No. 1, Bade Road Sec. 1, Zhong Zhen District, Taipei 100臺北市 八德路一段一號)

++It’s all about the music! Nine of Taiwan’s top DJs will be playing music in two rooms ranging from hip-hop to house to electo to dubstep and everything in between. The stacked roster includes Marcus Aurelius, Ray Ray, Uppity, NeKbrace, James Ho, Mike Lambert, Yoshi, Digital D, and Hooker.

++What’s New Year’s Eve without Champagne? We will be handing out free bottles of champagne to have a big toast when the clock strikes midnight.

++It’s one of the best deals in the city. Pre-sale tickets will be available from December 10 to December 30 for NT$800, which includes one drink as well as a champagne toast at midnight. We will have a group of ticket sellers that will deliver these tickets to your door, or you can pick them up from our good friends at KGB, Toasteria, or On Tap. Tickets are also available at all iBon machines at every 7-Eleven in the country.

++We love students! Students with valid IDs can have discounts on tickets (NT$600 presale and NT$800 at the door).

++Since it’s one of the biggest nights of the year, the dress code is semi-formal, so there will be a lot of smoking hot ladies as well as some fine-looking gentleman to kiss at midnight.

++Professional photographers and videographers will be there to capture every moment.

++The décor of Déjà Vu is some of the coolest of anyplace in Taipei. Castles! A BATMOBILE! A BATCYCLE! Plus, we’re planning on some big surprises.

++We will be having top notch visuals again including two projectors as well as enough lazers and smoke to make your head spin.

++The party doesn’t stop after the fireworks are over. Since the event goes from 10.30pm to 5am, if you want to head to the XinYi area to watch the fireworks and then come to the party afterwards, there’s plenty of time to dance the night away.

++Drink prices will be affordable. We don’t like going out and paying exorbitant prices for drinks and neither do you. Like every frog in a sock event, we will have beer, drink, and shot specials running throughout the whole night.

++Did we mention that all of your friends will be there?

Here’s the facebook invite with more info

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How do you know all my friends will be there? Dashed convenient if they are of course, but maybe a couple of them might be elsewhere…

I sometimes get hyperbolic when writing event invitations, but I swear that I talked with your friends and they’ll be there :whistle:

what, all two of them? super!

Chinese version now up
0, 9, 8 ,7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

太讚了! 最後倒數的跨年派對又回來了
frog in a sock 的2013最後倒數開始倒數了!!

預售票: 800元 /門口售票: 1000元
活動時間: 12月31日10:00PM 到5:00 AM

• 社交- 齊聚你所有的朋友

• 交通- 似曾相識餐廳是台灣流行音樂天王周杰倫所開的主題餐廳, 座落於華山創意園區的中心地帶, 從會場到台北市的任何地方都很方便, 從善導寺捷運站到餐廳走路只需三分鍾. 地址: 台北市八德路一段一號

• 音樂至上- 九位台灣頂尖的DJ 會在兩個舞池從hip-hop到House到迴響貝斯以及各形色居中的音樂,這個DJ hot燒輪盤包含Marcus Aurelius, Ray Ray, Uppity, NeKbrace, James Ho, Mike Lambert, Yoshi, Digital D, and Hooker.

• 沒有香檳的跨年夜就不叫跨年啦! 我們將在倒數時送出免費香檳讓大家舉杯同慶2013的到來.

• 我們將從12/10~12/30開始販賣預售票一張800元, 包含一杯飲料即跨年的免費香檳, 最好康的跨年精選派對上那找的到, 我們會有一群售票公關送票至你家,也可到我們的好朋友餐廳如下 購票,亦或7-11 跟全家便利商店的ibon機都有販售哦!

I. 紐西蘭風味漢堡 地址:台北市師大路114巷5號

II. 吐司利亞 忠孝店 地址: 台北市大安區忠孝東路四段248巷2號

III. 吐司利亞 敦南店 地址: 台北市大安區敦化南路一段169巷3號

IV. ON TAP 地址: 台北市大安區忠孝東路四段216巷11弄21號
V. ibon 機 (7-11/全家便利商店之華娛售票系統) 從12月12日開始販售

• 學生優待票-凡持有效學生證入場即可以學生票預售600 /門口800元之優惠價格入場

• 請著半正式服裝入場,要知道跨年派對的俊男美女都想要在鐘聲過後一親芳澤!
(這是老外的習俗, 有膽的老中們也來ㄅ一下吧!)

• 有專業的照相師跟攝影師會在現場精彩的捕抓每一刻,之後會上傳到face book供大家回味精彩片段.

• 餐廳的裝潢可是有全台北市最in特色, 城堡!! 蝙蝠車!! 蝙蝠摩托車 !!

• 另有最先進的硬體設備音響,雷射,以及投影機為你帶來整晚的精彩高潮!

• 派對不會在煙火停後結束, 活動時間是到淩晨五點, 如果想看煙火的朋友可以先到信義區看完煙火再回來跳舞, 絕對有足夠的時間讓你趕場!

• 平價飲料- 跟其它frog in a sock 的所有活動一樣, 我們決不喜歡賣太貴的飲料讓客人無法盡興, 就跟我們平常跑趴一樣不喜歡喝太貴的飲料,我們的宗旨永遠是讓客人喝的盡興!!

• 我有提到說你所有的朋友都會來嗎??

a few snaps of Deja Vu

and of course the batmobile

tickets are available at all 7-Elevens around the island

After Christmas, the big New Year’s rush is on. If you’d like me to deliver tickets to your doorstep, I’d be happy to. PM me or find me on fbook at

So d’ya reckon Jay will let us take the Batmobile for a little spin? I’m sure he wouldn’t mind…

Actually, the Batmobile is one of the biggest concerns of the night as people will be able to take a picture near it, but they can’t touch it, put their drink on it, get in the seat, etc. One of the stipulations of the event is that we have to have a security guard there all night. :ohreally:

In the words of Bollo, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this”

Ended up being a pretty great night as the confetti cannons (which I was in charge of) worked at midnight

some hotties showed up

and even the cosplay girls were out in full force

All pics here

and like frog in a sock if you want info about future events. 2013 is gonna be a big one