The list of cool foreigners in Taiwan?


If you think you are qualified, what are your reasons?


If you’re on a list, you’re officially no longer cool.


Good point. So who would be the uncool that think they should be on the cool list?


I’d like to nominate @mad_masala. If he makes the list, will he get free beer?


Not for you…


That’s OK, my fridge is well stocked. I’ve even got Spanish beer.


In no particular order:

Brook Hall
Anton Botes
Jenna Robinette
Eddie Mayhew
Alex Whalen
TC Lin (doubtfully foreign)
Charlie Storrar
Demetri Telfair
Esther Veronin


Real Spanish beer or independentist beer?


Brewed in Valencia. Is that considered real Spain? It goes down a little rough, but it’s got a kick.


It depends who you ask to. Some people claim that Valencia (which it was once the capital city of the Spanish kingdom) is part of the Paisos Catalans (Catalan Countries), which is a bullshit term that somebody came up with like 80 (? ) years ago for making it look like Catalonia was ever something…


No wonder I can taste the feisty spirit of the borderlands in the beer.


Do you also feel hit in the head?


Yes, my head was spinning. Fortunately, no stitches were required though. Oops, our bad for hijacking this lovely thread…


don’t worry, we are cool.


Um, OK. I’ll end with some ad copy about that Valencian beer:

“From the northern European abbeys, BURGE MEESTER transmits the reminiscence of a full, deep, unique flavour. This beer represents the monks’ meditation, their silence and wisdom that has endured for generations.”

(that’s word for word!)



@Rotalsnart is a pretty cool cat, and @Poagao, as previously noted.

Cousin @rocky_raccoon is also pretty neat.


Anyone who has been banned multiple times on Forumosa. That makes me fucking legendary.




Sorry, where do you live again?


I guess they thought it sounded classier. Spain isn’t exactly famous for its beers.