The list of cool foreigners in Taiwan?


A part of me will always be in Taiwan.:grin: You know, the you can check out any time you want, but you can never really leave sorta thing.




I think everyone are cool.


Stick around, that’ll change.


I think it just did. :wink:


I think I just found out that I’m in the wrong forum after having been hanging around here for 2 plus years.
One day, I somehow mistook this forum for “The forum for Taiwanese living abroad” or the like.

Should I leave this forum?


Alright, I’m game, I’m waiting for some water to boil to make dinner.

So, what exactly was it about the name “living in Taiwan” that made you think this was a forum about living abroad?


Maybe he read it as “leaving Taiwan” :idunno:


Great, now he’ll make a wall of text explaining that the reason why you think he may have misread that English sentence is because he’s Asian and English is not his mother language, so it’s racist etc etc.

I can already feel it coming. Basically I have the Force, but instead of letting me attune to the universe it let’s me sense brainfarts. Feelsbadman.




We’re nice guys. We don’t hold people here against their will.



I, for one, enjoy reading Mr. Lin’s rambling diatribes. :sunglasses: