The Little Green Man Who Fell Down

The rumours are all true. Tonight I caught the little chap doing a face plant. Don’t worry though, he got right back up again.

The Beckett-based story sounds very nice, but why the fascination with the little green man? Is the design so different from green men in the rest of the world? Surely the little green man didn’t start out here?
Or do people here actually think that it is unique to Taiwan? It looks just like the normal green man to me. Maybe I’ve been in Taiwan too long. Nice link. :slight_smile:

The difference is that Taiwan’s LGM is animated. In the rest of the world, he stands still. Yes, the animated LGM was a Taiwanese innovation.

Amazing. They should have put a patent on that one! It’s funny how something becomes so part of your daily existence that you hardly notice it.

Actually in retrospect it just looks like the little man’s midriff has momentarily disappeared. I’ll catch him falling over one day.

When my mother came to visit me back in 2002, she actually stopped in the middle of the street to see what the little green man would do when the countdown got to zero. Fortunately, I reminded what would happen to her if she continued to stand in the middle of the street to watch. She didn’t believe they existed until she saw one herself.