The Living Room

The Living Room is located at Nanjing East Road, Section 5, #8, 3F, right off of Guangfu North Road. Their telephone number is (02) 8787-4154.

The Living Room: cool new “hidden” bar/hangout:

Cool feel - like a ny loft “space.” No one knows about it yet. Underground funky house on Thursdays. Citizen Kain-ish gen x rock on Fridays. no sign outside. There’s a big Chinese medicine place on the 1st floor where you can watch people getting backrubs through the window. Weird.

I agree, it’s cool. Heavy on Thursday Nights with DJ K Fancy is a good one.

Strange use of the word “new” though – saxophonist Corbett Wall’s been running that place for several years now. I saw a play there ages and ages ago.

Hmmm. I think I’m going to finally check this place out tonight. I’ll be there around 10:30-ish if anyone wants to join me and the missus in a glass of holiday cheer.

Living Room’s been open for at least six years. I know what play Sandman saw there years and years ago! :wink:
He’s like something between a venue and a pub. They have raves every weekend, too and never get in trouble with noise as they’re in an office building.

Corbett offered to sponsor a Forumosa happy hour there for us in March. Thursdays are Jam Session nights and we could do it before that, and during.

HEY! I was there last night and I left around 10ish. We went for Dinner, the food was good but it came out a bit slow and the portions need to be a bigger for the price we paid but other than that I really like it there. The ambiance was good and I loved the man with the electrical guitar. It was a jazzy theme and made a nice back drop to evening conversation.

The place is more than just a lounge. I was told by one of the wait staff that the revenue goes to funding a childrens community centre for the arts.

I thought that was nice. I didn’t mind paying a bit more knowing it went to a good cause.

Sounds like a nice evening. I wonder if anyone has more information on the children’s communty center for the arts that they’re supporting.

Hi! Thanks for coming to the livingroom.

The guitar player’s name is Greg, and we are working on putting together a regular Tuesday night Spanish guitar night with Greg and a flamenco dancer after CNY.

Also, we’re very sorry if you had to wait a while for the meal. Our little kitchen was really really busy that night. They put out 80 meals in 2 hours!

Regarding the serving/price issue, I think that was probably a confusion or miscommunication because of our waitress, Maggie. (Maggie is semi-disabled, and sometimes gets things confused. We’re trying to support her, and train her how to concentrate when it’s busy, and she is trying hard, but sometimes things do go wrong :blush: ). Our policy is to stuff you to the ears with good food, so there should not have been an issue about serving size. The next time there is any question or issue, just ask to speak to the manager, Corbett, or Irene.

[Sorry for the inconvenience! The next time you come in, just bring a copy of this message and we’ll provide two complimentary drinks.]

The children’s community center is something we started in the US back in 1991, called the Asian Arts and Cross Cultural Association (AACCA), and we are doing it here as well. Our project for these next 4 years is supporting a music education program for children in the neighborhood. We have establsihed a band called the “Taipei Junior Police Band”. We are also establishing sister bands in the US and Beijing, and will combine the groups, and perform in Beijing for the 2008 Olympics. CCTV (China) will document the 4 year trial and errors of these kids to show Nation wide in 2008. (If you know of anyone interested in volunteering their time, we could use volunteers one night a week at the Min Sheng community center to help assist our teachers)