The Love Shack (with FREE Vagina Cookies)

To celebrate Valentine’s Day 2011, Revolver turns into The Love Shack on February 12
2月12, 來Revolver 愛的小窩與我們一起共渡2010 情人節愛巢派對

+++3 Floors of Entertainment+++

+++Free Vagina Cookies by Simply Olivia+++
+++免費送出有趣的 Vagina造型餅乾+++

As you go up, each floor gets sexier and steamier.

1st Floor: SEDUCTION (誘惑)
How do you catch someone’s eye? What can you say that would make that person who you just met interested in you? The Art of Seduction will play a big part of your Valentine’s Day. DJ MARCUS AURELIUS, the benefactor of booty, will be doing a special 5-hour set of love songs, songs about love, flirtatious funk jams, and steamy hot hip-hop, electro, and dubstep tunes.

2nd Floor: PASSION (激情)
Everyone needs to be passionate about something. For Valentine’s Day, we have three of the most passionate deejays ready to fire up the speakers and make sure there is a ton of bump and grind. ROBI ROKA has been burning up the decks with his provocative drum and bass. MIXTER T titillates the senses with his mix of hip-hop and harder jams. EAT ME! BLACK HOLE! will play music that is sure to make everyone on the 2nd floor sweat the night away.

3rd Floor: LUST (慾望)
After meeting on the first floor, getting warmed up on the second floor, it’s time to take Valentine’s Day to the next level and get lustful with STEVEN VIGAR’s XXX-photo booth. Even though you know the shots will be shown all over the Internet, Valentine’s Day only comes once per year. How far will go and let your picture be taken?

The Love Shack @ Revolver

February 12, 2011

10pm—till we get kicked out
Girls free before 11.30pm
NT$350 at the 1st floor door including one drink

Revolver 愛巢派對
從晚上10點開始火熱party 直到我們被趕出去
11:30以前 女生免費
入場費: $350 (一杯飲料) 由一樓門口入場

What the hell is a “vagina cookie?”

GOD! I’m getting OOOOOLLLLLD! This is just disgusting! Sleazy. Utterly CREEPY. Goddamn young people today! Bring back national service, I say.
But KNOW THIS, you young drunken and stupid nublies. The snadman WILL be jacking off to your drunken tittie shots, along with a host of others. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
So come ON, ladies! As Sid the Sexist would say: “Tits oot fur the lads!” :unamused:

:astonished: Is this for real??? I want to see the aftermath…maybe not.

No, no, its very real. Just the other night I was driving home listening to some out-of-tune talentless dweeb warbling “I wanna see your pee-cock-cock-cock-cock. Lemme see your pee-cock-cock-cock, etc. etc.”
So getting drunk and taking photos of your bits in a club photobooth is actually pretty tame. Gross, but tame.

The aftermath of snadman and a host of others…nevermind? :ponder:

I done seen summa dem vagina cookies. I say “biatch, yo, yo, yo, y’all! Waddup? Ya gotta clean uppa dem clams if’n ya wanna GIT wit ME, girl!”

But no, really, one shouldn’t mock. Really. They’re just people like the rest of us. Dumb, ignorant pricks and knobends, to be sure, but still. They’re PEOPLE, people!

I have nothing to say, nothing. :frowning:

CFI no, not Sandman, he will get access to those images EVENTUALLY and him doing the pleasurables maybe a feat at his age, but I am still intrigued by the kiddos giving tit bit shots.

This is so wrong on many levels. First of all should have called them FREE Cunt Cookies.

Mmm, vagina cookies. Just like mom used to make…

What’s that I taste in the back of my throat? Is it? Yes, I do believe it is! It IS rancid puke!


Mom did make a lot of cookies that never got eaten, they just sat around and dried out until no one wanted them.

I’m hopin’ it ain’t a vaginal crouton dusted with icing sugar!

Don’t, whatever you do, take a really extra big lick of those vagina cookies, because then they taste like shit for some reason.

See the idea grosses me out and yet I want to see, how does a V- cookie look like?? If ANYONE goes to the said club, please post a pic, of the cookie.

Oh, the humanity…

Many events in this forum receive minimal attention. Gratifying to see that the mere insertion of the word vagina can garner such interest.

You should make the vagina sticky. Or a split topic.

This place is a few hundred meters from my apartment. The downstairs bar is called ‘The Source’ I believe. They had to rent all 5 floors though so the first floor is a bar, 2nd has live music/DJ, 3rd has pool tables, and then I’m not sure they have it built out from there. I’ve been there several times on nights where they weren’t having an event and it was a pretty cool little bar. I’ve met at least two of the owners and they seem like pretty decent guys.

Its a bar worth going to even on nights when they dont have vagina cookies :lick: