The man with three Zings

Well, the big black bird with three Zings! :slight_smile:

One is a legal working bike, the other two are foundlings with no plates and big green stickers on them. They’re coming to live at Ravenholme, because they can’t read the sign on the gate that says “Beware of cannibalism” :smiling_imp:

Having swapped over the bits needed for The Raven’s own bike, there could well be enough left to get another working bike. Not much point doing that really, without plates, so suggestions are welcome.

PM tmwc. PM Dangermouse.

PM tmwc. PM Dangermouse.[/quote]

Do they have lots of suggestions?

They both have Zings. Therefore possibly on the lookout for Zing bits and pieces.

Bits and pieces we got, as many as anyone could ask for. But it may be a good idea to dispose of (almost) whole bikes rather than start a scrapyard. The path to Ravenholme is starting to look pretty industrial.

In retrospect, it may have been easier to redistribute parts from these gentlemen’s motorcycles than to try and dispose of a couple of extra junkers. Bugger.