“The Mass exodus of foreigners from China"


This is a new blog from our South African friend who is visiting Taiwan. I was wondering if foreigners were leaving, and he and his companion both seem to confirm my assumption. I have a mate who has spent the last 14 years in China and is now living in Taiwan, and he said he feels scared to go back because of what is going on within China.

Has anybody got similar stories or experiences?


i don’t know…
between China’s social credit system and this :point_down:, why would any foreigner want to be there?

“The US state department has urged Americans to exercise increased caution” when travelling to China after a spate of high-profile detentions.

Its updated advice warns that US citizens have been arbitrarily prevented from leaving the country."


Isn’t there a South African youtuber who loves calling himself British saying the same thing in his videos?


That is the guy I am talking about. That is his video I have a link to.


There was another topic talking about him but I don’t remember his name. There were ppl calling him a loser there lol.


This hostage taking (lets call it what it is) by both the American and Chinese, is a really bad idea and has the potential to get out of hand really quickly. Two megalomaniacs who won’t back down. I honestly don’t see this ending well.

Did someone mention the 'Thucydidean Trap’?


Here it is

They are not the same person.


I see.

The guy in the link I put up is interesting, and to be honest I am surprised he is still allowed to live in China with his forthright views in his blog. It isn’t academic, but it is a good primary source.


Sepentza, he is on his way out. The other guy cmilk has already left back to the US. Their mate prozzie also moved to Taiwan.

My mate from NZ who was going to make a a career in China is leaving as well. Had enough but mostly because they are replacing foreigners with cheaper workers and benefits are reducing. We know this old story from Taiwan. His office started with five foreigners and now he’s the only one left for a company that employs thousands there. Also sick of living there in rough environment (Beijing bring polluted and not very nice place to live and people are rough)

Same with the place I work. There are just a couple of huaqiao based out of our China offices even though it’s by far our biggest operation in Asia. People just don’t want to move there and the company won’t pay much extras anyway. Cheaper and easier to hire manland Chinese. The last Taiwanese that moved were years ago.

Seems to be that folks are flocking back to HK, back to West, South East Asia …Certainly a few will wash up here.

It depends on industry a bit of course…It seems ESL is still booming, probably some marketing and service stuff too.


The guy in the first video, Sepentza, indeed mostly answers “GB” when asked by Chinese where he’s from. He explained that he’s simply fed up with having to deal with ignorant replies when he mentions South Africa (“What? Can’t be! You’re not black! Everyone knows Africans are black! yada yada yada…”)


always laugh at this scene, back in the old days when RSA was ostracized, which may happen again with land reclamation.

“because you’re blek”


Yeah the bogeymen bad guys…
I get that it’s easier to say British , it’s a bit weird but I get why given his parents background and spending all of his life in Asia and not having affinity with SA anymore. There’s a distinct British subset in South Africa. Some people in Northern Ireland say they are British rather than Irish…I personally think they are Irish first but I am not going to tell them what they aren’t and what they are. If NI was reunited with ROI those people wouldn’t suddenly stop calling themselves British . Similar kind of thing at work in South Africa.

With South Africa you have to deal with a lot of baggage and putting you into little boxes. No doubt there may be some more status in some countries saying you are British rather than South African.


And people have asked me (a US citizen) why I decided to get my UK passport.


What are you guys on, are you jealous of him or something?


I don’t know about Hong Kong. I have met a lot of young people here who left the place, primarily because of the changes introduced by China after the hand-back. The young people who lead the ‘Umbrella Movement’, have either been jailed or silenced.


US travel advisories are nonsense. The US issued a level 2 advisory on China “Exercise Increased Caution”. Other countries with level 2 warnings include Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Spain and France and many others.


Xi jin pooh is on a path of destruction. Or a path of backwards development. Yea this seems pretty legit, I’ve seen 2 other youtubers who were fired from their jobs due to wu maos sending their videos to their employer. One of them has even gone all weird now and is making overly positive china videos


Any links?


Jobs in China?
China has gone fully police state in the last year or so…Xi Jinping is going to be a disaster but mostly for Chinese people themselves. They sleptwalked into this one…It’s all okay when it’s the minorities and foreigners…But next it’s going to be you Mr Han Wang

I’ve been looking into the situation in Xinjiang it is very serious. They have been sending 1 million citizen spy Han Chinese to forcibly stay in Uighur homes and spy on what they do. No bullshit, they have no choice but let these strangers stay in their homes and spy on them
It’s crazy.

Theres also a massive building program of internment camps for Uighurs . The estimates are from 100s of thousands to 1 million Uighur being sent to these camps for re-education .

They banned Muslims from having a Koran in their home and getting them to shave their beards, stopping them travelling around even in China. These are Chinese citizens! There are also checkpoints and cameras with facial recognition installed everywhere supposedly . They also check their mobile phones and run them through keyword checkers for sensitive words and phrases.


“Diplomatic immunity … has just been revoked.”