“The Mass exodus of foreigners from China"


exactly, i’ve seen many chinese brush off the citizen score system or even say its a good thing because as a normal non troublemaker they think they are going to be fine. when everywhere gets as bad as xinjiang they might change their mind about that.


We are all Meiguoren!


Paranoia! It’s an illness!


randy flagg trying to debate with the chinese guy who got him fired.


When did we see that happening in China, wait … a few decades ago, and a few hundred years ago, and before that. China seems to be never willing to commit to full development.


Looks like I picked a bad decade to learn Chinese.



When the war starts they will send you to the front lines.


Chinese people are smart and industrious. China should be a rich country. If they break the shackles of Xi and start being a decent country with normal relations with the world , China will be prosperous and influential.

But they are heading for disaster and it won’t be a good place to be a foreigner. I love China. I really do. I love the country, the people and the culture. I had amazing times there and I hope they get through this.

Prediction: Xi disposed by a factional coup before the end of the year


And replaced with another emperor. Besides Taiwan, Chinese people have yet to replace the warlord/emperor mentality. I think that’s what the majority of them want. You ask the average Chinese person in China about their feelings of democracy.


Will be replaced by someone from the other clique, the Jiang clique. Who are basically against Xi’s policy and direction. He keeps purging them but a couple will come.

It’s not great but anyone is better than Winnie


The toad has a underground following especially with young people on the internet. But idk how realistically the organ harvester will climb back into power. He’s also a piece of shit. They’re all pieces of shit.


Jesus, what is going on over there?


I have discussed the Xinjiang situation previously on this site, and this was the article I referenced.

This honestly made my stomach turn.


Communists being communists.


I would argue authoritarian dictators being authoritarian dictators. They appear to be springing up like mushrooms at the moment.

Good time to be studying International Relations; bad time to be alive and looking for freedom.


The problem is that they mostly had idiots leading the country to hell.


I had some good foot massages (cheap) and late night dinners there.


I hope they don’t and collapse their ass in front of our faces. :praying::popcorn:


I agree. I hope after that the people are OK though.