“The Mass exodus of foreigners from China"


More like China being China. China has a history of absorbing conquered people into the borg. This is more of the same, regardless of communism.


Yeah it really is ‘The New Shit, Same As The Old Shit TM’.
Repeat for a few thousand years.


The Frenchman really loves using the words “proclivity/proclivities”.

All foreigners in China at high risk from those 5 Maos.
Jilted local lover -> 5 Mao
Boss doesn’t want to pay salary or bonus -> 5 Mao
The new foreigner in the neighborhood that neighbors dislike -> 5 Mao

the list goes on ad infinitem


Exactly, and it gets really disturbing when they can get away with death threats and the like.


Please sir can I have some more?


The police state is real in china