The Maybe the Best Thing in the Whole World-Ever Thread

Van the Man doing Caravan with The Band in the Last Waltz.
Like you just fucking died and went to heaven.

“Sa-WITCH on your electric Ligh-Tuh!”

Pink Floyd’s Animals whilst basking in a greenish glow,


What is this sublime pastry of which you speak?

What is this sublime pastry of which you speak?[/quote]
Oh god! No! You’re NOT telling me there’s some arcane Mancunian confectionery called dags, are you? That’s just too disgusting to contemplate.

Shrug. Thought it was some kind of Scurtish oatcake. Maybe with jam?

Spanking your Japanese secretary.

Lots of fucking money so I can just buy whatever the best thing in the effing world is today.

Incidentally, today’s best thing ever is cheese that I can get at the Jason’s close to my house. Cheese!

It is so fun/intersting to see that the “ugly dukcling” China seems to develop into a swan (maybe it’s just hatched), and that Taiwan is just a duck like most other countries.