The meaning behind Taiwan ID numbers

The original Yangmingshan Administrative Bureau Y

Does your ID number change when you naturalise and become a Taiwan national?

Contrasting, I didn’t know that about gender. Seems surprisingly logical for those guys. But having the second place as a letter makes massive problems for computer systems. I’ve had problems exporting and getting paperwork countless times due this this issue, beyond frustrating and sometimes they just break the rules and let you do without that paperwork, or use a locals I’d. Which is clearly a less than ideal way, one which can cost people lots of money and time.

Yes it does.
Interestingly you can go back to the original ARC number fairly easily if you abandon ROC nationality (such as I did). There is a universal number that is assigned to every foreigner to help with tracking individuals.

Curious, Why did you abandon it ?

I understand reasons for getting it in the first place, this is your home, but why change your mind?

Process takes too long to get the Taiwan ID (which is really the difficult bit and without it your passport and your access to services really aren’t worth much ), too many exit restrictions, force me to give up original passport and citizenship , ask me to hold their useless refugee passport during the process (which I can’t travel to most countries on), I need to travel outside of Taiwan for work . Take your pick.

What country are you from? Most countries allow you to regain your original citizenship afterwords.

Europea . Afterwards I could gain it back in theory …Yeah but I need to travel overseas for work so it’s risky for me and I don’t want to give it up really. What happens if my original country suddenly changed the law ?

I will try special foreigner process and see if it goes anywhere. I think the whole citizenship system sucks balls from top to bottom.

They don’t even care if you know anything about taiwan etc…Or if you paid taxes for twenty years . There is no system or proper ceremony to welcome new citizenstjeres no pledge of loyalty…Nothing . Just terrible. The immigration people are also unclear about lots of things . They even managed to get my arc cancelled on me when I travelled briefly overseas evne though my nationality was already approved… The only thing they get right is asking for some Chinese proficiency .

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When we naturalize and become a National w/o household registration, our ARC/APRC number will continue to be used in the TARC… after at least a year on the TARC when we get our Taiwan ID, that is when we get a brand new ID number.

Yup… When I went into the HHR for my ID…I was like this excited little kid about to get his first video game… But then I realized I had to pick a number like everyone else, sit and wait for an hour while the girl behind the counter kept typing furiously on her keyboard entering my info into their so called “Citizen’s database”…erasing my old info and updating it with my new one… It totally reminded of MIB when Agent K was erasing Agent J’s info and giving him a new identity… I couldn’t help but chuckle… No congratulations or a pat on my back or a glass of wine or sing the National Anthem… but I got a shiny Pink Card in the end

It’s pretty pathetic if you think about it.

The difference is more (ahem!) quantitative than qualitative.

Any genders other than these two? What if some other country certifies you as a none-of-the-above–would Taiwan translate that onto their card, assign a binary heteronormative gender, or explode like a sci-fi computer brain that gets tricked into contemplating a paradox?

Actually, the really technical and legal answer to this is due to the relationship that the ROC has with mainland China. Constitutionally, the ROC still claims the entire mainland + HK + macao along with Taiwan. Now obviously this isn’t really relevant anymore in Taiwan, but the laws still tend to reflect this outdated and unchangeable (because the CCP would throw a fit) constitution.

So the word that that page uses isn’t ‘foreigner’, but ‘outside the (Taiwan) area person’. Within this class of ‘outside the area’ people are two sub-classes:

a) ROC nationals w/o household registration (in any place), people with household registration in mainland China, people with household registration in HK, and people with household registration in Macao. Constitutionally, all of these people are considered nationals of the ROC. Therefore, these are not ‘foreigners’ on a legal basis, but actually ROC nationals with household registration in another part of the ROC. This is why ROC nationals w/o household use a ROC passport to enter Taiwan, and the other ones use entry/exit permits. It’s important to re-iterate that this is basically a legal fiction at this point, but it still exists.

b) Foreigners (which is everyone else).

The ID differentiates between the two because as far as the ROC is concerned, the former are ROC nationals without household registration in Taiwan, and the latter are pure foreigners.

Yes, we are pure! :thinking:

That link is no longer working :confused:

Must have been this one:外來人口統一證號編碼原則.pdf

How about this page.

i have some friends are those letters. i did my military service in LienJiang Xian (MaZhu). made some friends.

This is an explanation how to implement an ID checker. But it is one of those that ignore Alien Residents! This is why we have problems with our ID numbers.

I am looking for this:

I need to find how they handle the letter that are in the gender place for aliens while computing the checksum.

If I use a 2 instead of C I can get my ID to validate.

Found an implementation in JavaScript that does validate ARC numbers

They differentiate between a normal ID number and ARC number

中華民國國民身分證, 臺灣身分證

中華民國居留證 (統一證號)

Yeah, I started searching for libraries on github and submitting patches. Here’s how the conversation to fix that one went down: