The [Milk] Tea Thread



NT19 in Danshui offers a Brandy Milk Tea. The Brandy is real. $50


I’m confused, is it 19NT or 50NT for this Brandy Milk Tea. Either or, it’s a steeeeal.


NT19 is the name of the teashop. The price is in TWD cause…you know…in Taiwan.

EDIT: I finally see the confusion now…

NT19 was the price of their cheapest tea. Bog standard green tea or black tea. $19


Tea is good, coffee is not.


I was tempted to try Tiger Sugar today. But the line was too long so I ended up picking a high mountain oolong tea :no_mouth:


Why black tea is called red tea in Chinese? :thinking:


Same reason brown sugar is called black sugar?


Red is brewed color, black is dried leaf color.


as for milk tea, the stronger hong kong style is my preference. if i get a bubble tea here or one of those trendy brown sugar bubble milks its more like a desert, something to have now and then.
nothing beats a pot of oo long tea though.




Most black (red) teas taste like tobacco to me.


Wait a second, why don’t make smokes out of black tea leaves!


Because black tea doesn’t have Nicotine?


Who says? It has caffeine!


And caffeine can be overdosed in this way.


Kids, don’t smoke your tea.


OK, we try Black Oolong first!


There are better things to smoke.


I can’t drink milk tea with real milk. Lactose intolerance.

But sometimes…