The [Milk] Tea Thread


Just had a cup of 黑糖鮮奶 and it was delish!




Have you tried the one at 陳三鼎 in gongguan? It’s this old, dingy place that almost always has a long line. It’s great. I’d go as far as to say “delish” too.


If you can say that milk with brown sugar is delish go ahead.


It’s more like milk with brown sugar/tapioca sludge. Sounds appetizing, I know.


it is delish.


You know what’s delish? Hot milk with rum and brown sugar!


it is delish too.


Vodka tea?


I have. When I first visited Taipei. TBH, I don’t remember anything so… it was not THAT remarkable.


No. Are you aware of what happens to someone who drinks milk who is lactose intolerant?


Do they sell those lactose pills here? My daughter’s boyfriend takes them, if he wants something lacticious on a special occasion


Idk, so they actually work? Because it’s a big risk. I’ll take a few sip of milk tea and usually I don’t have an issue. A little bit too much I range from upset stomach to being stuck on the toilet emptying my bowels for a hour.


They seem to work for him, can’t say if that means they’ll work for you, but he described the same symptoms. I think he bought some when he was here now that I think of it



You mean lactase pills?


I was saying just drink tea with vodka on it lol




OK, give me a breakdown about what’s so delish in brown sugar bubble milk.

The milk?
The bubbles?
The brown sugar?


milk and brown sugar