The [Milk] Tea Thread


I would suggest contacting your healthcare provider to see if these pills are right for you.

Though, are you sure it’s not Malaysiose-Intolerance? :grin:



The lactase enzyme pills really do help in my experience. But not sure where to cop in Taiwan. I’ve never seen them anywhere so I just avoid dairy, which I’m used to doing anyway. I have a little bottle of them I brought over from the US that I save for when I just really want a pizza, really badly.


They sell lactose free milk.


The taste. I think it tastes good. Does it have to be more than that? :idunno:

And as @tando said, milk and brown sugar (黑糖鮮奶). No bubbles, though I like the one with bubbles, too.




Coworker treated everyone to drinks today because they got a good prize from the 尾牙. Brown sugar milk, this time with pearls (黑糖珍珠撞奶). It’s warm and delish! Thinking of you, @Belgian_Pie. :trollface:


Don’t forget the rum!