The Mind boggles: Ex-DPP chair for unification, admires Deng

Ex-DPP head touts unification

U-TURN: Running as an independent for the legislative elections, former DPP Chairman Hsu Hsin-liang said Taiwan has everything to gain by accepting ``one China’’
By Caroline Hong
Monday, Oct 25, 2004,Page 3

Issues surrounding cross-strait relations made their way into the rhetoric of independent legislative candidates yesterday, with former Democratic Progressive Party chairman Hsu Hsin-liang (許信良) announcing his own vision for relations with China.

Finally a pan-Green politicain that understands it is about time ROC engages the PRC from a more constructive position to begin Cross Strait dialogue.

I concede that he has a serious point. Too bad his presentation of it makes him look like a total flake. Like that artist guy who drives around Taipei waving PRC flags.

Just think–when asked who his favorite political philosopher was, what if George W. Bush had said “Deng Xiaoping” instead of “Jesus Christ”? That would have opened a whole new era of dialogue. Or at least, a new chapter in those “Bushisms” books.

ac-dropout wrote:

He’s not pan-green. He’s independent and does not support the pan-greens. Get the fact right, please.

Sure he did. He’s one of the original members and ex-leader of the DPP. He’s another son of Taiwan that has seen the light.

So the leopard can’t change his spots, once pan green always pan green, that’s what you’re saying, right?

Green cat, blue cat, who cares as long as it catches mice.


A DPP party full of Sissy Chen and Sissy Chen with LP. A man can dream can’t he.


A DPP party full of Sissy Chen and Sissy Chen with LP. A man can dream can’t he.[/quote]
A mug of warm milk before bed will help prevent those nightmares.

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Ac_dropout wrote:

[quote]A DPP party full of Sissy Chen and Sissy Chen with LP. A man can dream can’t he.[/quote] (Whatever that is supposed to mean)

So that’s what’s been bothering me all day? And here was me thinking it was last night’s Guinness that was the culprit.

What do the rules say about having two village idiots at once? :wink:


My colorful sissey chen comment was to illustrate that it might be a good idea for the DPP to have more converts who are willing to move away from the TSU extreme Taidu platform to a more moderate platform. Being that Sissey Chen is one of the most visible pan-Blue convert on Taiwan. I borrow the LP comment from Li Ao who once described himself as a Sissey Chen with LP.

It would seem our political adversary, PRC, has demonstrated the ability to influence one of our strongest Allies, USA, on this matter already.

Both USA and PRC has shown us the limit of “status quo/independence” they are willing to tolerate from ROC.

So even if people are not genuinely happy with the situation. Isn’t it more productive in the long run to show we are willing to be diplomatically constructive on the Strait Issue with PRC, instead promoting direct confrontational policies with the PRC.

When an individual changes parties and ideologies as completely as Xu Xinliang, it’s quite obvious that they’re not in it to serve their community, or for their beliefs - they’re in it simply out of desire for power.

Xu started out as a KMT member and member of the Provincial Government. The KMT didn’t pick him to represent Zhongli in an election so he ran as in independent. Accusations of KMT fixing led to the rioting that became known as the Zhongli incident. Xu won but was later suspended from office for continuing demnostrations against the KMT.

After the Gaoxiong Incident, Xu fled to the US, where he formed a Taiwan Revolutionary Party dedicated to armed rebellion against the KMT!

After returning to Taiwan, Xu joined the newly formed DPP and was chairman for 2 years, but failed to win the candidacy for the 1996 election. I think it was at this point that he changed his policy to his current ‘pro-China, go-West’ policy. In 2000 after getting the boot form the DPP, he ran for presidncy with a New Party (unificationist) running mate. He got less than 1% of the vote.

So Xu’s use of Deng Xiaoping imagery may be new, but he changed his colours some time ago. But it really is baffling how he can change from ultra-Green (advocating armed stuggle for Taiwan, even) to ultra-Blue (pro-unification) like that.


It seems that Wolf is suggesting that a response to a question is infinitely preferable to switching tactics/avoiding the question altogether.

AC is by no means the only poster who has done this, and I think Forumosa would be more useful, interesting and less vexing and exasperating if people did follow up in a way that isn’t a diversion.

It gets so tedious to see someone raise a point or question and then have others bait them, obfuscate or otherwise bury all suggestions or conversations until the thread just becomes a long line of bull.

I’ve done it too so I’m not saying I’m an angel… :angel: who me?

And it gets even worse… I guess that Mr Xu is fishing for the deep blue vote. After all, mention to the average pan green supporter that you support “One Country - 2 systems” and that he should vote for you, and the only thing turning blue on him is his face…

But Mr. Xu, I have bad news for you. The deep blue corner is packed with sharks from the PFP, New Party, and some KMT people - even though most of them are not as crazy as stating that they support “One Country - 2 systems”. However, the area he runs - Taipei South - is very blue. Not to diss anyone, but Taipei has always been a bit on the Waisheng side, so a pro-China agenda might have a chance now. That said, he’s unlikely to be the only one pushing such an agenda, even though others don’t state it that directly.

However, to be honest, I can’t stand this pandering which is putting up. The people he hopes to appeal to are people without loyalty to Taiwan whatsoever. They have lost power, and since the island is not theirs, they believe that it can just as well hand it to China on a silver platter. I am not saying that the average blue supporter or waishengren thinks that way, all I am stating is that there is a small minority of people with that mindset. Then this former DPP guy tries to get those votes by suggesting a wholesale sellout. Dirty, especially seen in the light of his former shifts all over the place.

Apologies for rambling.

Good point Mr. He

The thing I can’t believe is that a politician like this has ANY credibility at all!

‘I used to be for Taiwan’s independance but now I admire Deng and want reunification.’

The electorate in Taiwan seems to have such a short memory and will believe whatever is said as long as the candidate they like is saying it.

Ever see Soong and Lien Chan screaming at each other in the 2000 elections? Then they’re holding hands and kissing their beloved isle together in 2004.

I’ve decided to not follow the politics here too closely because I just end up getting mad.

Also, the journalists here are shameful. There is ZERO investigative reporting, it is all parroting whatever legislator is doing the talking on any given day.

[quote=“rooftop”]The electorate in Taiwan seems to have such a short memory and will believe whatever is said as long as the candidate they like is saying it.[/quote]As a (local) friend of mine puts it, politics is the new religion. It’s quite beyond reason or logic. As a punter you should just put your money in the box, bang your gong, and repeat the slogans they feed you…

Hsu, along with Sisy (sic) Chen and Shih Ming-de are sorry has-beens who just don’t know when to leave the stage and return to a seat in the audience.

Well actually his position is more of a compromise. He wants to create a oversight committee to mediate a state-to-state union of ROC and PRC.

As for Deng, I know quite a few college kids in Taiwan that admire Deng and Zhou En Lai of China. Not everyone on Taiwan has a xenophobic fear of all thing pertaining to the PRC. Deng was the guy that allowed Taiwanese people a special visa into China to do business.

Taken out of context of the strait issue Deng was a pretty good leader of the Chinese people on the mainland.

I have an idea, perhaps his switch from the KMT to the DPP and then to the deep-blue fringes has nothing to do with any changes in ideology. Some people signed up for the DPP for democracy and human rights, they didn’t sign up for separatism, localization, and pandering to the Hokklos. The DPP wasn’t always about advocating an independent Taiwan.