The Mind boggles: Ex-DPP chair for unification, admires Deng

Me as anti-Chinese pro-Japanese poster:

The DPP has always been about Democracy and that democracy is about getting rid of the mainland scum that have ruined the character of Taiwan!

This is a complete bullshit racist remark that should be flamed.


Did china-rancid close down and migrate over here? :saywhat:

That is not correct.

The DPP has always been pro-independence, and has only toned this part of its stance down after 2000.

I don’t believe the beginnings of DPP were about the “One China” policy.

If that was the case the issue of framing “BSR vs. WSR” a core platform of the DPP would not have developed. Since the terminology of Shen implies that there is “One China” paradigm being accepted.

The current Taidu movement is really the remains of LTH pro-Japan desire of independences mixed in with Hoklo racism of those who were on the recieving end of the KMT rule. The Hoklo perception of independence is really based on the “not KMT” concept. To this voting block as long as you’re not in the KMT and viewed pro-Hoklo, it will automatically garner votes.

I don’t believe the beginnings of DPP were about the “One China” policy.[/quote]

It does not matter what you believe - the DPP was seen as unelectable in the beginning due to their pro-independence platform. This independence platform has been there right from the start. also, there were a few Dangwai, who were pro democracy, but not pro-independence, however, they never played a meaningful role in DPP.

The BSR vs. WSR is just as much a KMT invention as anything. “Divide and Rule”. While the DPP is dominated by Hoklos (70% of the population here), it does not mean that they are incapable of tolerance and the need for everybody to live in harmony and respects each other’s customs, traditions, and rights.

What a crock of shite.

Asking you.

Is being pro-japan (wanting Taiwan to return to the Japanese state) the same as wanting to retain your independence? (Taiwan is sovereign and de-facto independent, remember?)

If LTH was so pro-Japan, then why did he not merge Taiwan and japan in the 12 years he was president?

A single word, DUH, because he wouldn’t be able to get away with it. Making Taiwan independent is the next best thing. If by now no one has realized that Lee Teng Hui and his lapdogs such as Koo Kuan Ming aren’t a bunch of Japanese rightists in Taidu separatists clothing, you are simply fooling yourself.

Hsu Hsin Liang joined the Tang Wai movement in response to his involvement in the Chung Li incident, in which Hsu, and ethnic Hakka, was allegedly cheated out of an election victory by KMT vote rigging (read-innvslidating names of oldsters by smearing their chop). Hsu joined the DPP to form an opposition to the KMT, not to promote independence.

ac_dropout, I’ve asked you this before and you came up with absolutely nothing. Show me some evidence that Lee Denghui was pro-Japan. Come on - show me something or shut up. Same goes to you cmdjing. (But start a new topic for it for christssakes).

And, from what I’ve readm Maowang is right. Xu Xinliang’s policy has always been to oppose the KMT (for not nominating him in Taoyuan). He’s in it for himself, and always has been. The DPP was actually not founded on an independence platform. At the first congress the issue must have been discussed, but they decided not to adopt it (although it was obviously the goal of many of the groups that the DPP embraced). That came later. The initial agenda was democracy, human rights, and a few other things like opposition to nuclear power.


cmdjing. this one is for you: :loco:

Post something proving your accusation.

Also, that President Lee wanted to let Taiwan become a Japanese prefecture, and that he was member of a secret society of japan-lovers as many deep blues suggest… baloney, his actions betrayed that he was for the country he led only. Your stupidities might find a willing audience among brain-washed Mainland Chinese and die-hard deep blues, but thankfully little else.

Now, post some proof of this or shut up.

Also you are so off topic that it hurts.

Back to topic:

When it comes to Xu Xinliang, then he might claim that he joined DPP due to its democratic leanings and not due to its Taidu leanings. However, he led the party, when it was in it’s most Taiwanese independence minded stage, and left, when DPP started to tone this aspect down. Weord indeed, if not because he was angry with not becoming presidential candidate. A political opportunistic creep indeed. :noway:

No, no no. Xu became Chair after Peng lost the election and Shi Mingde resigned. He led the DPP in a moderate direction (reconciliation with China, ‘go west’ etc), with party members cooperating with the KMT and the New Party, causing the split and formation of the Taiwan Independence Party and Peng’s independence party. He got the boot for this and the DPP moved back towards independence again.


A “one-China principle,” modeled after the EU? Very interesting proposition. I guess the next step would be to hold a referendum in Taiwan, just as the newest members of the EU did before joining it.

OOps, a hole in my knowledge. He moderated the party… Nice to know. But was his line back then not continued by later chairmen, as they needed to pander to the middle in order to be elected?

Bu Lai En,

Go out and meet people in LTH demographic. People about my grandmother’s age. Spend 22 years under Japan’s colonial education system and come out all confused in my opinion.

The only reason CJG selected LTH in the KMT is because LTH is heirless and they didn’t need to fear him handing power over to his kids. Not to mention he qualifies as a BSR to pacify the racist Hoklo on Taiwan.

The mere fact that you question the degree in which LTH is pro-Japan already signals that you are a foreigner in Taiwan. Go ask anyone on the streets and the common response will be, “of course the guy grew up under the Japan’s colonial system and was hand pick for higher education in Japan.” You don’t get that honor unless you whole hearted believe in Japanese political policies of the time.

Economically speaking it has been going downhill every since LTH and his Taidu antics started.

Mr. He,

Here is a run down of Hsu Hsin-liang the


I am quite certain that I know more than you (someone who doesn’t live in Taiwan, and probably wasn’t born here either) about Taiwan’s history and politics.

So I ask again “Give me some evidence of Lee being pro-Japan”. (And don’t make it a “you’re a foreigner - you can’t understand - ask any Taiwanese” answer, this time).


Well, I guess we can lock this thread now. :unamused:

Bu Lai En,

So you must be aware of the TSU latest antics of burning CKS picture in public, causing supporters to throw eggs at TSU offices and have VP Lu speaking out against LTH stating that without CJG, LTH would have never been president of Taiwan.

LTH is not commonly called a Ri Nu (Japanese House Slave) in the media on Taiwan for giggles.

One must wonder if LTH new goal in life is to be radical as possible to scare people in selecting a more moderated party and platform.

Countries have to apply to join the E.U… A lot of them would like to join, but can’t.

I would say the proposed “United Republics of China” or whatever it’s supposed to be called, sounds more like the Commonwealth of Independent States (a confederation of former Soviet republics, minus the Baltics). Recall that Georgia tried to avoid joining, but Russia put pressure on it by supporting the other sides in its civil wars.


“Taiwanese aren’t Chinese!”–maowang

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A Sino-Union of China, Taiwan, and Singapore (plus Macao and HK) would become an economic powerhouse. Too bad that neither side would probably be warm to the idea since they both want all or nothing. Good, however, for the US because it can still maintain it’s position as #1 economic power in the world for a while longer.