The Mind boggles: KMT Commercial

After watching it, my mind truely boggled. This world is crazy! I thought it was a faked Kuso commercial, but it’s real. I think the KMT wants to loose every election on purpose.

Justin Chou (周守訓) - Former KMT Spokesman, Candidate For The Legislative Election, Taipei Southern District

Looks like this guy had a seriously repressed infancy. He needs a shrink.

He can’t even memorize a short script. Notice how he kept on looking to his right? That’s because he has to read the lines. So funny.

this can’t be a real commercial, can it? it must be some sort of satirization of the KMT position, right? nobody is that clueless as to try to capture votes with a commerical like that. if they are, then they, like before, truly show that they have completely lost touch with the sentiments of the mainstream voting public.

Ummm, it’s a spoof, of course!

It’s not a spoof.

It IS a spoof…

Use the M8966 code to see the X-rated version. Nice rack!

Of course it’s a bloody spoof. Aside from it being idiotically obvious it’s a spoof, how many genuine television ads have subtitles that aren’t song lyrics?

Chou is indeed running in the elections, but the guy in the ad 'aint him. Not even close. He’s a well-known comedian – so well known that I can’t remember his name.

LOL!! It’s so funny that everyone thinks this is a spoof. Freaking unbelievable. But this just shows how truely rediculous that guy is, and you just can’t believe he can really be that stupid. But he just is, or had became that stupid, and the thing is real.

You have to remember he is the same guy who came up with some crazy mathematical equation as the proof that Chen rigged the vote counting and election; the same guy who claim that Chen produced artificial rain to discourage the pan-blue supports from joining the protests (raining season, what does he expect?)

He is on TV quiet often so I absolutely regonized him, the clip was taken from his own official website, which is also his online campaign headquarter. He was trying to be comical by doing a HK movie “The God of Gambling” knockoff scene, and it is funny. :blush:

Here is his website at

It says “11/6 上午 07:00 CF 廣告出爐~~Hot!!”

Follow that link it says


So you go to his download page, it has many different goodies like wallpapers, screensavers, etc. There you’ll see the links to his 4 new different commercials. The direct link to the movie was probably taken down due to negative reviews, but nevertheless you’ll see this picture on his site to prove it is real, and the link might be back up in a few days.

Anyway, to all unbelievers, all I can say is I absolutely regonize the guy and there’s no way it is a spoof.

Have you considered that maybe he himself is taking the piss? There’s been no shortage of famous people - celebrities and politicians alike - who’ve been quite ready and willing to take the mickey out of themselves in public before.

Just because he’s doing it doesn’t mean it’s not a spoof.

Well, we have to first to agree if it is him, or not, since sandman and others here don’t believe it is him, but I know it is him.

Since it is him, that makes the whole clip not only stupid, ignorant, but also kind of unpolite. You notice he pretending to be talking to Chen, and gave Chen his supposedly phone number - Taipei 0678-5978, that number in Taiwanese means “Lim Liao Ji Bai, Wu Gao Ji Bai” (你老其邁, 有夠其邁). A very insulting phrase indeed if you know what it means. Give you an example of a similiar phrase in Taiwanese: 你娘臭其邁~~Your mother’s stinking p@#@y (Sorry for the foul language but that’s what it means). So if it is a spoof or whatever, he is cursing Chen out in this clip by telling Chen 你老其邁.

Not a single one of the 15 Taiwanese journalists in my office that have viewed the clip think it is him, and many of them have met Chou personally many times during the course of their work.
Some of them have also met the guy who appears in the clip. In fact, he is one of the team that made those spoof VCDs poking fun at Lee Teng-hui et al a few years back.

You’ve been truly suckered, Steve. :smiley:

What the…I think you guys the one being suckered. :unamused: The thing is on his own offical website for crying out loud. Just because he took off his glasses and made some funny faces doesn’t mean it’s not him, damnit, someone here send him or his assistant an email to find out, then we can decide who is the one that needs a better pair of glasses.

Anyway, the he was imitating off from this HK movie clip.

Man…what is going on here, why people have such bad eyes? Am I the only not-blind person left?

Reference pictures.

Yep, looks like I’ll have to eat some crow – it’s the same bloke, right enough. I DO need glasses. :blush:
Sure seems to be a prick, that’s for sure.

His download page is


Just download it to see it. It looks like him.

[quote=“sandman”]Yep, looks like I’ll have to eat some crow – it’s the same bloke, right enough. I do need glasses. :blush:
Sure seems to be a prick, that’s for sure.[/quote]

Thank You. You got me all wondering and confused!! I was like…wow, this is unreal, can I really that suckered? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Does his wife look like a younger version of Mrs. Lien Chan, or what?

Do you think our young Mr. Chou is aspiring to follow in his revered (chortle, chortle) mentor’s footsteps?