The Miracle Dog - Quentin - A Dead Dog Walking

So picture this, you are a homeless dog surviving in the streets of St. Louis, which happens to be one of the most violent spots in North America. One day the dog catchers get you. They take you to the city pound, you

Great story! :slight_smile:

The website mentions two books I think I’ll be buying soon. Sound like a good read.

When I volunteered at a wildlife rescue centre in the Florida Keys, we acquired a chicken with appalling injuries, including a gaping hole in its chest that completely exposed the chest cavity. The vet had no option other than to put it out of its misery, and the poor bird was given a fatal injection at the end of the day and left to die peacefully in its cage.

We were all extremely shocked to find that the chicken was very much alive and kicking the following morning! Given that it had such a will to live, the chicken was patched up as best the vet could and left to its own devices. It became a popular pet at the shelter and was still there when I left a year or so later, making a nuisance of itself by always jumping on the food prep table and invading surgery procedures.

We didn’t write a book about it though, so I guess that’s why we didn’t get on Larry King. :frowning: Next time, maybe …