The Morality of Selfism - The Gospel of Saint You

A great sarcastic article that shows where we are heading to…

Some highlights:

one of the things we’ve discovered is that you can be a very good person while thinking only about yourself!

people make you feel sad because you may not live up to this standard. It’s very cruel of them to make you feel troubled in this way!

you are probably wondering what you can do to get the tingly meaningful feeling inside.

First, you want to feel indignant all the time.

Second, you want to make yourself heard. You want to put up a lawn sign that says, “Hate is not welcome here” or wear a T-shirt that says, “Stop the Violence.”

The third thing you want to do is tell your story.[…] Sometimes you have to keep talking about yourself even though other people, selfishly, keep interrupting and trying to talk about them selves.

The fourth thing you need to do is condemn bad people. If somebody says something new or bad, you need to get on your phone right away.

Remember: You’re already perfect just the way you are!


If I thought I was anywhere near perfect then I wouldn’t have improved at anything ever, from playing music , to sports etc. I’m also very sure my spelling is far from perfect. Conversely I wouldn’t have any age related deterioration in any of my joints or have more frequent needs to take a piss as I age! Although my bench press technique is pretty much perfect I have to concede, and how much I can bench is all that matters in life lol

Typical of an NYT commentator to miss the whole point. Being good is caring about good people. That would lead to a circular definition, if it were a definition. But it’s not. It’s an inference.

Here’s a definition: being good is making the world a better place than it would otherwise be. This has far less to do with selfishness and selflessness than smug silly liberal moralists would presume.

(But never forget the oxygen mask principle.)

It made me laugh.