The Morgue 2004

Malon Brando, Ronald Reagan, Ray Charles. We knew them. They didn’t know us. Walk in the rain and catch a bus.

He’s sleeping with the whales now. … index.html

And I don’t feel so good myself.

JOE GOLD of Gold’s Gym just died, age 82. … ortal.html

And I know this may seem tacky, but I predict that before the year is out we can add Courtney Love’s name to this thread. That girl needs help badly. :frowning:

Gen. Charles Sweeney, USAF(ret.), the pilot who dropped The Bomb on Nagasaki. … sweeney_dc

Jerry Goldsmith…legendary film and TV composer of the last half-century…dead from cancer at age 75… :frowning: … index.html

I doubt it. She must’ve done enough drugs now to have joined the ranks of immortals like Keith Richards. She must be pickled to within an inch of eternity.

Watergate ‘Bagman’ Fred LaRue, 75, Dies

Frederick Cheney LaRue, 75, the shadowy Nixon White House aide and “bagman” who delivered more than $300,000 in payoffs to Watergate conspirators, died of coronary artery disease in a Biloxi, Miss., motel room, where he lived. . . … Jul28.html

Strange guy.

Well, shit. What a waste. … 289965.jpg

Former Miss India and television anchor Nafisa Joseph, 25, committed suicide by hanging herself from a ceiling fan at her home in Bombay, police said July 30, 2004. Joseph’s mother told reporters the model ended her life after her wedding planned for next month was called off. Joseph, who won the Miss India crown in 1997, is seen browsing through Ismail Merchant’s book ‘My Passage from India’, at the book’s launch in this file photo taken in Bombay February 23, 2003. REUTERS/Sherwin Crasto/File Photo

Mike Tyson’s career dead at 38: … n_williams

[quote]By TIM DAHLBERG, AP Boxing Writer

LOUISVILLE, Ky. - The end came with the shocking suddenness of many Mike Tyson fights. First, the flurry of devastating punches, then a fighter falling bleeding to the canvas.

Even more shocking was that fighter was Tyson himself.

A comeback born out of financial desperation didn’t go past the fourth round Friday night when an unheralded British heavyweight by the name of Danny Williams knocked Tyson out with a savagery that may have once and for all exposed Tyson as a shot fighter.

At the age of 38, Tyson ran out of energy after trying to put Williams down for the first three rounds and was driven to the canvas with a final right hand that may have signaled the end of his hopes to become a serious heavyweight contender again.
[/quote] … 990070.jpg

“I’m so glad we had this time together
just to laugh a while and sing a song
seems that every time we just get started
comes the time we have to say, so long
Goodnight everybody!”

Jackie Gleason

He used to sign off every show with this.

Super Freak … Rick_James

I know it’s bad form to speak ill of the dead, but there’s very little non-ill you can speak for the man.

There were two separate cases brought against Rick James and his girlfriend, Tanya Ann Hijazi. In the first, in July of 1991, 26- year-old Frances Alley alleged that James burnt her leg and knee area with a crack pipe, applied alcohol, slapped her across the face with a gun, and burnt her groin and torso area with a hot knife.

According to court testimony about the night in question, Ms Alley alleged that James was “going to teach her a lesson” because he “couldn’t find his eight-ball”.

“He made me take my clothes off and sit in the chair,” Alley testified. “He ordered Tanya to go to the kitchen and heat up the knife until it was red hot.” James then allegedly tied her to the chair with neckties. “Rick poured alco- hol all over my knees. He started smoking crack. Every time he took a hit, he held part of the crack pipe to my knees,” said Alley. According to her testimony, James slapped her across the face with a handgun, saying, “No-one fucks with Rick James in this house.” She then testified that he burned her with a Bic lighter and kept reheating the knife with the lighter or a candle, burning her inner groin area, and from “the abdomen to the pubic line. He burnt Hijazi twice on the back for smoking out- side. I then went into the bathroom and put cold towels on my burns. We then went into Rick’s room and smoked crack.”

BESIDES THE TORTURE and mayhem accusations, Frances Alley testified that James had forced her to perform oral sex on his girl friend. “He told me to lay back and Tanya was going to take care of me,” she said. “Then Tanya went down on me. He made me do the same to her. I was laying on my back, she got on top of me and kind of straddled me and started peeing on me, on my burns and stuff. It hurt real bad.”

Q. “Were you still afraid?”
A. “Of course I was afraid. I was grossed out. It was nasty.”
Q. “Then what happened?”
A. “Then he told me to put my fingers in her.”
Q. “Did you do that?”
A. “No. Every chance she and I got, we faked it. We faked giving each other head.”

DURING THE ASSAULT, Frances Alley alleged that James told her that “I needed to learn how they live in California. He said it was nothing. Everybody in California does that, and I was sexually ignorant and inexperienced.” When James realized the extent of Alleys burns he sent her to a chemist. “The lady looked at my leg and said, ‘Honey, honey, we can’t do anything for that.’ Then I went to the LA free Clinic, they said, ‘We can’t do anything. This is way too severe. You need a burn unit.’ Then we went to Cedars [Cedars Sinai, a major Beverly Hills hospital].” After doctors examined Alley, the police were called. But she didn’t want to press charges at that time. Apparently James wanted to apologize to Alley and she went back to his house. “It must have been the crack,” he said, and allegedly gave her a cheque for $320 made to cash. “Here, take this,” he told her. “Go buy yourself something nice. I will take care of you. I will buy you a ring as big as your head.” She stayed a few more days, getting high, and James didn’t bother her anymore.

“When everyone was asleep, I left without making a noise,” she testified. “I came back the same night. Rick started calling me a slut, a whore, and a cheap nasty bitch for telling everybody that he did this to me, and I better backtrack, go back and tell all these people that I had supposedly told, that a pimp did it to me. Not Rick James. A pimp. He said he would rip out my tongue. He then said he’d pay $5,000 to have me killed. He also said he’d have acid thrown on my face on the street if I didn’t clear his name. It was his girlfriend that opened her mouth, not me. All right. It was his girlfriend. It pissed me off so bad. The next day I went and pressed charges.”

THE NOVEMBER 1992 assault allegedly took place at the St James Club, the swankpot hotel on Sunset Strip. Mary Sauget testified that she met Rick James and Tanya Hijazi to discuss James’s new record label, and after they all got high on cocaine, Rick and Tanya began to argue. Sauger tried to leave and was supposedly slapped by Hijazi and James repeatedly, until she lost consciousness. They allegedly revived her by dowsing her with water, but continued to strike her. Then James choked her. She testified that she later received a phone message offering her money to "shut up ", but she too went to Cedars Sinai and police were called. James was arrested two weeks later.

Of all the charges brought against him - assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated mayhem, torture, false imprisonment by force, forced oral copulation, assault with a deadly weapon, sale or transportation of a controlled substance, terrorist threats - he was convicted of only three: assault, imprisonment and furnishing cocaine. The jury deadlocked 11 to one on the other charges, and he was sentenced to five years in prison. Tanya Hijazi pleaded guilty to assault with a deadly weapon and was sentenced to four years.[/quote]

[quote=“hoedad”]“I’m so glad we had this time together
just to laugh a while and sing a song
seems that every time we just get started
comes the time we have to say, so long
Goodnight everybody!”

Jackie Gleason

He used to sign off every show with this.[/quote]

Ummm…wasn’t that Carol Burnett?


Pushing up dasies…

Julia Child … e_child_dc … 1108141031

Nobel Prize winner for literature Czeslaw Milosz poses at his office at the University of California in this Thursday, Oct. 10, 1980 file photo. The Polish poet and Nobel laureate Czeslaw Milosz, known for his intellectual and emotional works about some of the worst cruelties of the 20th century, died Saturday, the Polish news agency PAP reported. He was 93.

Ah, man. I heard him give a poetry reading waaaaay back when, when I was a teenager at Governor’s School. He really made a major impression on me. He only read in English, but I’ve been told that his readings in his native Polish were even more powerful.

(and yeah, poetry has to be read aloud in order to appreciate it - it’s an oral, not primarily literary form, IMAO)

480-Pound Woman Dies After Six Years On Couch