The Morgue 2018

You guys beat me to it. Dumb me, I didn’t even see you guys’ posts, because I was belatedly responding to the Dolores O’Riordan post, so I thought I was the one breaking the news. Arrogant me, too, because I wasn’t sure anybody on the board would even know who Philip Roth was, or at least I didn’t think they would think him noteworthy.

I also read Portnoy’s Complaint, I think in my teen years, I guess around 1970 or 1971, because I was still living with my parents, if I remember rightly. It could have been later, though, because I read it in paperback, and I don’t know when the paperback edition came out.

I thought I read a short story of his that had to do with army life, but maybe I hallucinated that one.

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No need to beat yourself up about it…at least we’re all still alive!

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My excuse is that I’ve been distracted lately by the thought of minty-tasting fried cuttlefish.

Charlotte Fox, survivor of the 1996 Mt. Everest climb that was the subject of Jon Krakauer’s Into Thin Air, died on May 24. She didn’t fare too well in the book, where she came off as entitled and willing to endanger others because of it.

From a fall on a staircase in her home.


42 posts were split to a new topic: Anthony Bourdain dead at 61

Koko the Gorilla, 46

Koko also ripped a sink out of the wall once, and when confronted by her keepers, blamed it on her kitten, signing “the cat did it.”


Is that a picture of her cat?

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That one went over your head like a gorilla-tossed sink.

I was going to type some witty reply, but the picture of the kitten was too cute.

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Do not mourn. Koko is with Harambe now.

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Yeah , the Cow is getting slower for sure/ He missed my Paddington Bear reference in the Peru thread too.:yum:

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He’s either stressed from packing or jet-lagged, due to his trip to Oregon this month.

Which I do not covet, by the way. :persevere:

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Coffee buzz is wearing off…beer buzz not on yet…it’s an awkward intermediate stage…

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Two words…craft beer.

I’m thinking of another two words … :nsfw:

Kidding aside, I hope you have a great time and somehow suffer a tragic, debilitating accident to your taste buds, too.

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Kate Brown?


Impeccable horse face, though.

Steve Ditko, around June 29.