The Morgue 2018

Do not mourn. Koko is with Harambe now.

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Yeah , the Cow is getting slower for sure/ He missed my Paddington Bear reference in the Peru thread too.:yum:

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He’s either stressed from packing or jet-lagged, due to his trip to Oregon this month.

Which I do not covet, by the way. :persevere:

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Coffee buzz is wearing off…beer buzz not on yet…it’s an awkward intermediate stage…

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Two words…craft beer.

I’m thinking of another two words … :nsfw:

Kidding aside, I hope you have a great time and somehow suffer a tragic, debilitating accident to your taste buds, too.

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Kate Brown?


Impeccable horse face, though.

Steve Ditko, around June 29.

Aretha Franklin. Respect.


One of the scenes/songs (of many) I like in one of my favorite movies (she starts singing at 1:45):

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Senator John McCain.

I’m torn on John. He was a war hawk, a bit chummy with the DC elite and the Clintons < barf > and his Presidential run was an amateur joke. Yet he was just soooo nice.

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5 years as a prisoner of war, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

A great college football player to boot, too.
Some great 1970s movies from him.

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Maybe I should watch it again!

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This one is a shocker. Burt Reynolds :disappointed_relieved:, a real gem! The hero of my youth. May he live on in Norm MacDonald’s “Turd Ferguson” sketches.

I think I’m on the bad actor side of the aisle. RIP.

I will take off my hat tonight in his honour.