The Morgue 2018

Senator John McCain.

I’m torn on John. He was a war hawk, a bit chummy with the DC elite and the Clintons < barf > and his Presidential run was an amateur joke. Yet he was just soooo nice.

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5 years as a prisoner of war, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

A great college football player to boot, too.
Some great 1970s movies from him.

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Maybe I should watch it again!

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This one is a shocker. Burt Reynolds :disappointed_relieved:, a real gem! The hero of my youth. May he live on in Norm MacDonald’s “Turd Ferguson” sketches.

I think I’m on the bad actor side of the aisle. RIP.

I will take off my hat tonight in his honour.

Just don’t drop it, eh?

Actually I wanted to put his Cosmopolitan centerfold. Hadn’t seen in a long time. A true classic.


Poor guy, missed membership in the 27 club.

When I was 27 (many years ago), three of my friends (also 27) died of drug overdoses. That was a tough year.

Twenty-seven is the age when males are typically at their most bullet-proof, which is not really very bullet-proof and easily, fatally over-estimated. It helps if you don’t sleep on your back.

and one of the best versions

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Most famous comic creator of all time, Stan Lee, has passed at age 95.
I was a huge Marvel geek as a kid… especially for Spider-Man, so this one hurts even though it wasn’t entirely unexpected.


Hope he got his last cameo in.

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Knowing him, he probably filmed a bunch of them in advance. :sunglasses:

I just saw him do his one in Ant-Man and the Wasp on the weekend.
Pretty sure filming on Avengers 4 is wrapped, so he should have that one done, at least.

Maybe it’s just me, but I always got the feeling none of the real Marvel creators, like your Kirbys and Ditkos and all, really liked him very much.
When I was a kid he always came across as kind of a loudmouthed schnook.:idunno: