The Morgue 2018



It’s usually the family members who don’t agree to DNR. So they’re the ones to blame.


Yep in the cancer case I knew the family kept holding on to him.Very cruel.


At the Cardinal Tien hospital in Xindian I see the old folk wheeled or pushed in bed for tests with big round DNR stickers in very visible places. Quite sobering, but very advanced for a Catholic hospital.


Yeah, people are starting to come around slowly, but it’s going to take a long time. Next item on the wish list: assisted suicide.


Ironic. They think hot water is so healthy and it turns out to be the opposite.

The roots of this “hot water is healthy” bullshit goes back to medieval times when only boiled water could be drunken safely due to all the pathogens and bacteria in normal water. In contrast, in the US we drank low alcohol beer (called “small beer”) instead of water, because alcohol killed the microbes. But today we don’t still think beer is healthier than water. Well, most of us don’t.


I didn’t know that, interesting, it makes sense no matter it’s true or not :slight_smile: I was aware of beer being the safe water in the middle age in Europe. You guys took your time to adapt to modern times in the USA haha (not that I blame you).


That was actually just a rationalization for rampant alcoholism.


You think it was? maaaaybe.


Those poor 5 year olds.


Joking aside the strength was generally less than 2%.


that low? hmmmm


Still higher than “non-alcohol” beer, which is 0.5%. You’d have to gun a 12-pack in 5 minutes to even get a slight buzz.

EDIT: no, more like gun 50, now that I think about the math.


Wait, is there any evidence of that? why was the alcohol level so low? I’ve produced more alcohol than that with just bread yeast.


It was a social disaster when the lower orders obtained the funds to move onto gin. Beer Street and Gin Lane.


Hmmm, I hate warm water but I love hot soup.


There were calories in beer too, farmers and labourers could burn through massive amount of calories doing manual labour. 3000 calories supposedly.


Wouldn’t it dehydrate you?


I doubt it especially if alcohol content was low. I’m guessing folks weren’t too picky back then.


Especially if you keep refilling the tank all day.


Yeah I’m just thinking that weak beer would taste amazing if that’s all you had to reward yourself in a day of hard labour.