The Morgue 2018



He and Stephen Hawking are now :man_facepalming:


Will a god punish them?


They’re probably in a purgatory situation like Virgil.


Anyone know Brian Andrew Kennedy? I don’t think I ever heard of him or his bar in Kaohsiung.


Knew him quite well back in the day. DV8 regular. Sad news.


Oh crap, that’s sad indeed.
I last ran into him in Kenting many moons ago, but I’d heard he had set up in Kaoshers.

Pretty young.


Wow. too quickly


Never met the dude. Was he a Forumosan? Way too young.


I mixed him up with the lawyer Brian Kennedy. RIP.


Didn’t know him personally. But I knew OF him. Sad stuff. RIP.


That always used to happen.


survived two wars, then retired and lived 'til 112 drinking whisky and smoking cigars. Absolutely glorious.