The Morgue 2022

Nah, she’s secretly alive and well and living it up with Dennis Wilson in his underwater lair. :2cents:

For some of us, this will be reminiscent of our childhoods. RIP

I had no idea he had been popular in Japan!


Definitely looks familiar from my childhood. Sad, but at least he had a long run and made it worthwhile putting smiles on millions of children’s faces.


Had no idea she was that old. Guess ‘Cheers’ was on longer ago than it feels like. RIP


sorry, already posted

It’s been a while. Most of the principle actors are in their mid 70s.

Kelsey Grammer is doing a reboot of Fraser.


Jesus… what year is it again?

Oh… right. :confounded:

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Yeah. It turns forty this year.

The eighties were forty years ago.


Sammy, you’re too old to go on a date with two twins on the same night you’re supposed to marry Diane without Rebecca knowing.


Jet Black of the Stranglers died a few days ago. I saw them play live many times in the 80s.


Didn’t immediately recognize the name but after reading, I realized I had heard of this guy.

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Too young, RIP. I don’t follow sports much, but I read that article and this jumped out at me

Last month Mr Wahl was briefly detained by Qatari authorities for trying to enter a stadium wearing a rainbow shirt, in support of LGBT rights.

Well, I know one country I will never visit.

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also remember him in MASH, Magnum P.I, and other shows.
Rockford Files great tv theme song


The title sequence has a flash of naked breasts.

No fan of Commies, but this aristocrat surely couldn’t have been worse than many PI leaders.

Sison: Self-exiled Philippine communist leader dies at 83 | CNN

If anyone wants to feel really old, Terry Hall has died.

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Ghost Town for Christmas number one.

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Immaculate Reception original broadcast.
Curt Gowdy was a great sportscaster, too.

[click Watch on YouTube link inside]

Voted as greatest play in NFL’s 100-year history.
Steelers were down 7-6 against Raiders with 22 secs left in the playoff game.

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Maxi Jazz from Faithless. I saw them in Cape Town about 21 years ago. They were astonishing.

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