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Note to self: Know the difference between “Reverse” & “Drive”.

Terry Anderson, famous (and very likable) Hezbollah hostage, age 76, from complications from heart surgery. Kidnapped in 1985, in Beirut, and released seven years later.


Well, that’s it for the Moody Blues. All dead now. Phfft.

Mike Pinder, keyboardist of the Moody Blues and a master of a truly weird musical instrument, the mellotron, has died in Northern California, age 82.


Cool mellotron video. He really worked it.

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Hayward isn’t dead
Justin Hayward - Wikipedia

Love this song The Moody Blues - “Tuesday Afternoon” (Official Video) (


Like the extended version even better!!! Mind-blowingly good.

Tuesday Afternoon-The Moody Blues-(Long Extended Version) (

This one?

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One of the earliest concept albums.

One of my later concept album favs as well–not Moody Blues (-- La Melody Nelson album). Absolutely bodacious riffs and Birken juicy as a spring fruit: Serge Gainsbourg - La Melody Nelson 5 - L’hotel Particulier (

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Duane Eddy-twangy guitar
Peter Gunn theme

Novelist Paul Auster


The King of Rohan, Bernard Hill.


:sob:National Post columnist Rex Murphy dead at 77 | CTV News

Enjoyed their bookstore in Victoria, BC. RIP.


Alice Munro - Wikipedia

Alice Munro- one of the greats.


She made it into her 90s. What a career!


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Asked by Vulture in 2010 if he was proud to have helped make television “safe for jerky lead characters,” he replied: “It’s fun playing those roles. You get to do outlandish things, things that you want to do, probably, in real life, but you just don’t because you’re a civilized human being. There are no-holds-barred when you’re playing [jerks] - I couldn’t imagine anyone not loving playing those parts.”

All those characters were funny.


A forumosa contributor I very much liked was @ichun , a Singaporean resident of Taiwan, first in Taipei and then in Taichung. She was the one who alerted us about the exemplary cooking at the now-closed Joseph Bistro. She also championed excellence of all kinds including at Yu Chocolatier and at Marou.

I recently chatted with Joseph at Summer Flowers Dining Room, his new venture in Taipei, and I was shocked to learn that Ichun has passed away. This may not mean much to others, and on my side I think I only met her once in person, at Joseph’s, and also exchanged messages with her during the COVID emergency. She was however one of those folks who really cared about the quality of our life in Taiwan and championed the best among us. I always looked forward to her posts and her views on life in the capital.

Ichun, RIP.



Why stop at unmarked? When you really want to save money, the Big Lebowski path is the one true path. :2cents:

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